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  1. Do you have the part # you ordered? Can you please share it? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thank you Constabulary. I got it to stitch. I just need to play around with the different tension adjustments to set the depth of the stitch correctly. I just wasn't sure if I threaded just above the needle eye correctly.
  3. The picture on the far right is of my machine, which looks different than the manual. The first difference is the metal piece with 3 holes to wrap the thread to increase tension. My manual doesn't have that at all. I have seen some pictures and videos of similar models with this 3 hole bracket, but in all of those the bracket was mounted horizontally and not vertically like mine. I did try twisting in to the horizontal position and I can get it to rotate to about the 5:00 o'clock position. I may be able to rotate it some more but I didn't want to break it. The Picture on the left shows where I put the thread before I threaded the bottom of the needle. Is that where it goes? The manual shows it goes through something, but it didn't like this in the picture.
  4. Thank you. I do have the owners manual as well as the parts manual. I believe someone may have made some modifications since my model has a couple of different features as to how the thread is run.
  5. My aunt gave me her Singer 51w54 and I found the user manual online. The problem is that she didn't know how to set up the thread and bobbin and the user manual pictures are a little different than what I have. Does anyone have a 51w54 and can take some pictures or short video of their thread and bobbin set up?
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