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  1. Thank you for your help and advice it is appreciated ✨
  2. A series of unfortunate events. I cried!
  3. Hopefully am asking in the right place. Slight disaster has just occurred involving my 45k21. The needle bar is now bent! (am sat on floor contemplating life choices). Does anyone know of anywhere I can buy a replacement or does anyone have a spare bar I could purchase from them. I’ve just checked ebay and can’t see anything. Many thanks any help appreciated.
  4. I saw that one on Etsy too. It is rather expensive! I have the table mounted winder I just don’t want to keep screwing and Unscrewing into table when I switch between the 96k and 45k. May just see what happens on eBay with time. Mice been looking through parts book and have made myself a list of the feet I want to collect for it as I only have the 91548 foot. Will be looking out for 91596 and 91550. Thanks for your advice so far! Its a shame you live in Germany! Would be awesome to see your machine set up!
  5. Hiya. The bobbins are 30 mm long and 20mm diameter. I’m looking for the machine mounted winder as I’ve Frankensteined my machine table for my 96k49 to take the 45k89. And it already has a table mounted bobbing winder for the 96k so I am just being lazy wanting a machine mounted one for the 45k
  6. Hi, new here and new to leather working and heavy machines, minus my old singer 96k. (But been working as seamstress at menswear shop 11years so have a general knowledge of sewing) I have just bought a second hand singer 45k89 but it only came with the one foot. I am wondering if anyone can help me find more feet and possibly a bobbin winder that attaches to the machine body (not the table, if that makes any sense) I have asked a company called college sewing online but they have ignored my message and I’ve scoured eBay and I’m only finding bobbins and cases. So thought I’d ask a forum of people who know! Thanks in advance any help is much appreciated!
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