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About Me

I have a small shop and want to introduce leather work to my woodworking shop.

It all started when my mother brought over a vintage Singer family sewing machine, specifically a 15-91 which I disassembled and cleaned, and it works awesome. Since then I have purchased a few vintage family machines and cleaned and tuned them up, not sure why, I guess I appreciate the quality of the machines that were built back in the day. My plan is to build a steam punk singer shelf and display the vintage machines that I have acquired, that project is set for the winter time; I hope.

I have now acquired a centennial Singer 29K71 but have come to the realization that even though it's a great machine, it does have it limitations. I am presently working on getting it in shape.

This feels like an addictions to sewing machine LOL :rolleyes:

Singer 128.jpg

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