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  1. It really is a lovely piece. We emigrated first to Canada (early 1600s), then to US around 1914. Well... not me specifically. Are there any Conrads left in Hesse?
  2. Leanne, I'm so sorry about your dad. I lost my mom a year ago December. You have my deepest sympathy.
  3. Welcome, Marco! Very nice work. ☺☺☺ I looked up "vindonissa pouch" —it's for storing wax tablets? My ancestors were from Hesse. Supposedly, one of them was a witch (!) and this explains a lot about me.
  4. They're still being made in Harrison City, New Jersey. Any other identifying marks? Do you have a picture?
  5. The El-Cheapo calipers are... okay, but they eat batteries like crazy (which are not cheap). Thanks! Just updated the website description.
  6. To the man who started it all... thanks, seabee! On a semi-related note, the manufacturer of the machine I sell calls this piece a "pin" (see marked photo below): Some customers call it a piston. Would it more properly be called a ram? (apologies for the hijack)
  7. I am following this thread with great interest, although we're getting into territory I normally leave to my machinist. mcguyver42, I really like your calipers! Mine are cheap imported digital crap. My husband tried to teach me how to use his manual set... and gave up in frustration (in my defense, math was involved).
  8. I have no experience with Buckle Guy at all and I'm glad they have been so responsive. Good to hear! Manufacturers and distributors will often send samples for free (or for a small charge). I've tried a LOT of snaps this way (also rivets and grommets, but mostly snaps). Most of what I've tried is standard enough to be compatible with different brand dies. Granted, I haven't tried EVERYTHING... but hardware is *generally* built to a standard compatible with *most* setting equipment, regardless of brand. I do know that Baby DOT 20L snaps don't work well in Osborne 20L snap dies (at least not in Osborne's old style dies; haven't experimented with their new style). Thanks so much for contributing to this body of knowledge!
  9. My apologies... Buckleguy was upfront and provided dimensions, and I should have acknowledged that (instead of being catty). They were not the subject of my soapbox rant and I should have made that clear. Too many vendors and distributors shroud their machines in mystery and claim their branded equipment is proprietary —some is, of course, and hardware can "prefer" certain setting equipment (for example, metric vs. imperial can be an issue)— but knowing their dies' shank size and type can avoid a lot of frustration and unnecessary expense. If a seller can't provide that information, move on to one that can.
  10. Leatherworkers are pretty awesome, actually. Die shank dimensions are always going to be slightly smaller than machine openings, but... you're right, he's not exactly advertising that fact. Dies are very rarely brand-specific, and it's really irritating that some brands [not mentioning names] imply or make that claim outright. /off my soapbox
  11. I'd be really interested to know this, too! I have a few ideas, having jury-rigged my fair share of machines and dies... (with some "interesting" results). Buckleguy's "BG Press" is a M8/19mm machine, meaning top threads are 8mm and bottom shank is 19mm diameter. It's the most common metric size available. Any M8/19mm die will fit it. Hiker presses use 3/8" shank dies —also very common.
  12. They made me smile, especially the one on the left (tall hat with stars). Thank you so much for sharing them.
  13. Oops... missed the edit window. Snap springs are in the SOCKET, not the cap. I need a vacation...
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