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  1. For what it's worth... I use bonded poly exclusively because: My machine seems to like it better. It holds knots a lot better than nylon.
  2. This seems like a really good alternative to in-person road testing. I forget that not everyone has the luxury of living within driving distance of a dealer (or several dealers).
  3. I third this suggestion. When I was ready for an industrial, I made an appointment with a dealer and showed with a bag stuffed with typical fabric. If a dealer isn't comfortable with you test driving some machines... find another dealer.
  4. Just realized I probably mean "splitting" machine... (?)
  5. Your dice cups are all amazing but LOVE the eyeball! ...and the way you formed the eyelid is inspired. Gorgeous work! You totally should!
  6. Very similar indeed. Definitely a possibility. Do you happen to remember his name? I found some really gorgeous carving and a set of beautiful hand-painted dragon eyes, but nothing similar to the example. Of course, I'm not necessarily using the "search" function correctly...
  7. Customer in Portland, OR needs leather skived for covered buttons. If you are relatively local, have a skiving machine and know how to use it... send me a PM and I'll put you in touch. Thanks!
  8. Yes! Doesn't scream "horror" but really well done and definitely creepy. Wish I knew who did it so credit can be given.
  9. Random photo, don't know who made it. The way the leather is formed to suggest brow bones and chin just adds to the general creepiness. Then again, it really is kinda cool. Two possible Etsy contenders: TurtleVillageKraft or CreatureClutches. Anyone know for sure?
  10. An Irishman walks out of a bar. Hey... it could happen!
  11. When my cousin was a wee lad, he observed our grandmother removing her dentures. He gasped, and said in wonderment, "Grammy, does your tongue come out, too?"
  12. My mistakes are getting expensive. The KAM "Green" machine is M8/19mm machine. I actually developed a 3/8" die adapter for M8/19mm dies but when assembled is very bulky = very little clearance. I have relatively small hands and still find it frustrating. So... I've been fussing with closed end rivets which require a pilot hole, but what about open end tubular rivets? Are they truly self-setting? And some have washers and others caps? And some posts have serrated edges? —but maybe only those with point back stones? Just when I think I'm starting to understand what's going on... life reminds me that I really have no clue. *bangs head*
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