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  1. Do you mean a screw stud? Yes, I realize this is not a Chicago screw, but it is a snap that can be used as a furniture component. What part of a Chicago screw assembly do you want to "look like furniture snaps"? What will be its function?
  2. Osborne is still a private company owned by the Osborne family.
  3. I don't know much (actually nothing) about leather knives, but I do know Osborne's round button cutters are not honed to a sharp edge at the factory. We send ours out to Bob McBride, literally the only guy we trust: www.bobbymactheknife.com We are not affiliated in any way, we don't get a discount for referrals... we just love the work he does (and pay the same rate as everyone else).
  4. Absolutely not! When they have returned to full operation, definitely contact them regarding their guarantee: We will replace, free of charge, any tool which may prove unsatisfactory in performance if sent for inspection, freight prepaid. Tools which are known to have given reasonable service, or have been misused, or damaged, will not be considered defective.
  5. Osborne is in the middle of an emergency shutdown due to a Covid outbreak in the factory. Calls are being routed to Massasoit Tackband in Massachusetts, one of their recent acquisitions. They don't normally answer phones, and yes... many of their employees are immigrants with limited English. They're doing the best they can. Please understand this is a highly unusual situation. I can't speak to your other concerns, but I can explain this one.
  6. I use eyelets and caps interchangeably without a problem. The only potential issue is post length: "Standard" Cap Post Length = 3/16" "Standard" Eyelet Post Length = 1/4" Caps with longer posts are available. Never hurts to ask for samples to see which works best!
  7. Until yesterday, I didn't know they made anything but rhinestones. Duh... I have since learned they also make (in addition to scopes) binoculars, telescopes, jewelers loupes, and camera lenses.
  8. Swarovski Optik will be absorbed into the new streamlined Swarovski company. Doesn't look like Optik products will really change, if at all. The big news is that various decorative crystal divisions will be consolidated, and less profitable products and markets will be dumped. My apologies for not making that clear. I'm a little fixated on shiny things right now...
  9. Standard Rivet has already removed "Swarovski" from their "Bling in the Ring" rhinestone spot description. Don't know if they switched to another brand. Is it worth paying extra for Swarovski if you can't actually tell anyone it's Swarovski?
  10. Thanks! (for moving my topic on spots vs. rivets for dog collars) :)

  11. From my supplier: As you may already know, Swarovski’s business model is evolving. They will be reserving the name "Swarovski" solely for their own line of jewelry and giftware. Starting October 1, 2021 you may NOT mention the Swarovski brand when selling finished products embellished with Swarovski crystals. Period. You can still use their crystals in your products, but may NOT say "made with genuine Swarovski crystals" anymore. Retail markets like DIY and nail salons will be eliminated entirely. Swarovski’s new distribution model will "focus on the protection of the Swarovski brand assets and is therefore designed for wholesale customers, manufacturers, and application centers." If you're selling to end users, you may NOT use the Swarovski name after September. A lot of distributors (like mine) are dropping Swarovski entirely in favor of other fine crystal brands like Preciosa. Does that mean Swarovski is hiring lawyers to troll the internet in search of errant Etsy sellers? Who knows... maybe?
  12. Embellishment on this collar (for example) has no visible means of attachment: http://dogmopolitan.com/?product=rn-design-cream-glass-cab-swarovski-crystal-dog-collar-leather-custom No obvious stitching, either. Is it common practice to attach spots to an outer collar layer, then glue it to an inner layer? I can't think of any other way to achieve this look... although clearly I have no idea what I'm doing...
  13. Found a few more collars embellished with spots (via Etsy). Thinner synthetic "Biothane" collars have 4-prong spots rather than 2-prong: Madison and Maude Luxury Handmade Pet Products Woofwear Collars (Crystal Chic) Luxury Collars by Moxie Collars No one seems be complaining (?). Now I'm wondering about horse tack... Here's a Biothane set with 2-prong rhinestone spots: https://www.twohorsetack.com/p-29-western-bridle-full-browband-made-from-beta-biothane-with-bling.aspx Just how common is this?
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