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  1. so does it just rest against your side without any support? Either way it looks good.
  2. I dont use a thread burner, but I would imagine rechargeable batteries and a charger might help.
  3. I ended up going with pockets that dont have flaps over them. They were perfect, or at least they are in very cold weather. If you dont have covers on your pockets when its snowing, but still warm enough for the snow to melt, the snow will melt and drip into your pockets I will post pictures of the jacket when i finally get around to finished the lining around the neck. So far nobody seems to have noticed the jacket was made by me, so I must have done a half decent job!
  4. Thanks for the help, I dont have enough material left over for patch pockets, I think I have found a way though! I do like those pockets on that green jacket though. Ive somehow managed to use 99% of my side, making the jacket. If it turns out well I will take a picture of the style im going to use.
  5. I suppose the best option is to go thin, and have room for layers. Would be a real shame to make a cool jacket then only get to wear it if its below freezing. thanks on my leather coats that I got from the thrift store I only seem to have one style of outer pocket, its not a zipper pocket, they are made by cutting a line, then a little v at each end, and the edges all get folded to make it look nice. I was just wondering what the best way to do that, would be, I didnt know there were many other ways of doing it.
  6. Ive made the shell of my jacket, and im a bit hung up on two things: the pockets on the outside for your hands/ how thick to make the insulation. If anyone has a good source/video of making pockets, It would be much appreciated if you shared it. For the insulation, im wondering what optimal thickness would be. If its too thick, it will only be wearable in extremely cold temperatures, if its too thin, it will require too many layers of clothing. Is it a good strategy to err on the side of thin, since you have enough room to wear more layers/ability to remove and dry layers for fast drying? The actual style of insulation is something im curious about as well. Ive got a sheet of polyester, its quite dense, I was planning on using that with a canvas liner. My local leather shop alway has good deals on shearling, is shearling much better than polyester? Im having a fun little "if the world ends, be warm" project spree, if anyone has features that make a jacket better for survival, feel free to share. sorry for all the random questions, its a bit tricky finding a good source for making diy jackets. The only tricky part seems to be the arm holes, so if you just template that, its a cakewalk! Its weird walking into a thriftstore now, and seeing templates and hardware, instead of clothes/bags.
  7. Very nice, It looks like you got the hang of it.
  8. learning on expensive leather is a silly mistake...that we have all probably committed. Do you know the those silver leather pens will work on waxed leathers? Does chalk work on waxy leather? leather certainly has its quirks when it comes to templates and how it wants to bend/stretch. Exactly, if you don't understand why it works, in a slightly different scenario you end up being lost because you cant mindlessly copy/paste.
  9. aru

    rough mukluks

    Thanks. I actually took the wool liner out and wrapped the bottom in some nice thick fur-on sheep skin, the comfort went from barefoot, to squishy house shoes. the insulation on the soles it 10x better now as well. Im going to make another pair, and try to make them nice this time. Im curious if anyone has tried a welt that wraps around the top portion of the foot, and attaches a second sole, that would make them more water resistant?
  10. XD it does feel good to figure something out after messing up a dozen times!
  11. Im really slow and now realize you must mark the holes based on how much width the side panel parts add.... woops sorry for making a dumb thread
  12. Ah I wasn't sure. They turned out well, did you use tires for the soles?
  13. I cant seem to figure out why my pockets always come out uneven. I check for square, mark holes using the shape of the center portion of the pocket, not the sides that are sewn to the body of item. Do i need to add a border based on the width of the sides? Im so confused halp Since its not something anyone mentions its probably a super simple fix, but im slow... It would seem kind of obvious the circumference of the outer portion is greater than the center, but how do you know where to punch for the outer?
  14. aru

    rough mukluks

    These were my first pair of shoes ive ever made. I actually really want to get into making boots. I like the combat boot/midcalf/boxing- style boots. These were made for hunting, with soft soles, removable wool liners, fur in the toe and around the top. I made many mistakes with them, but they turned out functional! So far ive been wearing them as house shoes since they are warm and comfy :D I actually made these using an old pair of rubber boots as a template, since they were too small. Mukluks and moccasin toe shoes in general are really easy to work with, these dont require a last to make. I made these on my singer 51w56. If you look at the right boot you can see i used a thin/damaged bit of leather. Once i realized i had already cut the piece and decided not to waste it. A few areas got messed up from just learning what the machine likes, apparently it doesnt like climbing seams XD not sure if that is a pressure issue or just asking too much from it. all leather used is oil tanned, I think? the uppers are made of a strange leather i haven't really worked with. Ive already gotten a request from a family member for a pair. Look forward to making more, and sharing projects with the forum. Next up will be a two toned messenger bag
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