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  1. aru

    Great coat WIP

    XD once its worn and dirty, it wont look so....fabulous. as of now its santas elf material.
  2. aru

    Great coat WIP

    I have on video, recording myself walking away to see the jacket, and I saw people out the window and immediately turned around with a hilarious look. XD
  3. aru

    Great coat WIP

    OK! so these were the stages. I actually filmed it to make a video, well see if that gets posted... im not sure if this leather will be the shell, or if I will actually make one. The leather is a bit weak, so I may end up making something better. at the very least all seams will have an inch and a half of leather strip sewn on with a machine. I got this far just today. havent started the sleeves, since they are the hard part.
  4. aru

    Great coat WIP

    So im trying to upload pictures and progress of this jacket im making, bit the file size limit is q.4 mb and its not even letting upload that. I tried to crop the first photo to make the size smaller and it destroyed it. How do i upload larger sized photos and files? This picture is hilarious Pls help
  5. aru

    fur rug uses

    the small piece is the before, large is the after. I used the deer hunter and trapper tanning orange bottle stuff. took 2 bottles for 4 sheepskins. It tightened up the grain and gave it a more rigid smooth finish. it definitely was not leather before xd sorry for shit pics
  6. aru

    fur rug uses

    my test piece looked much more like leather, less loose and dry. Went ahead and used the tanning solution on all my rugs. Let you guys know in a day or so how they look
  7. aru

    fur rug uses

    will do, thank you much.
  8. aru

    fur rug uses

    well, the rugs I have, the black ones have darker skin, and the light ones have lighter skin. The leather soaks up water like veg tan, how can I tell if it is tanned? I got a bit of it wet, it seems more like wet skin than leather, are there any other tests? Judging by the way it soaks up water, if its stiff when it dries, that would imply its veg tanned, right? EDIT: since it is so skin-like when its wet, im just getting some basspro tanning stuff and tanning one of them to test, there is no way this stuff is leather, its like wet raw hide when you get water on it.
  9. aru

    fur rug uses

    Something as simple as using a test piece, I cant believe I didnt think of that. I will test getting it wet, thank you. Not all rugs are actually tanned, some are only pickled. Apparently pickled fur will fall out if it gets wet, which means a jacket made out of that, would fall apart in no time.
  10. aru

    fur rug uses

    my main concern is this. I cant find anything saying how the fur rugs I bought are tanned. I read that if they are "pickled" they can be tanned, does anyone know if that is true? is there any way to tell if its tanned already? The leather is a bit weird, unlike other shearling. I want to make a jacket with them, but its pointless if it starts to shed and fall apart after little use. the main reason im asking is I have almost 400$ in leather, and would rather ask a question and spend an extra $20 to keep it from being ruined. Of course, otherwise they would be looking down, or up to me. horizontal looks mean we are equals, or something.
  11. Can fur rugs be used for garments, jackets, other projects?
  12. I found this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/125232778793?hash=item1d28748e29:g:6PsAAOSwAoViO7Uj according to the internet, this type of tan doesnt hold up to moisture and use, but can be retanned. Is that true, will it hold up if its retanned with a better tanning solution? Can the fur rugs be used, retanned? where do most people source the fur hides for garments? thanks amigos
  13. I got my boat anchor! works well, very happy with it. going to attack some elbow pads to a flannel for the first real use. The stitch length im getting isnt the factory spec, but its probably about 7 an inch, since I dont need bigger stitches than that, it should be fine. at some point I may look into restoring it to factory spec, but I read the thread on that, and it looks a bit intimidating and precise. thanks guys.
  14. my lord that is one hefty machine! He said like 200 and I figured he was overestimating. Its just the head im buying. Sounds like one of the better old patcher machines. definitely going to be careful moving it. Thanks so much wiz!
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