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  1. I guess what i meant is, I would rather learn than to just copy paste mindlessly.
  2. I do, however the materials will be very different, and I dont really want to cut up my jacket. I was more just looking for tips on designing the armpit/shoulder.
  3. Ive never made a jacket, and im planning on making a really nice, thick leather jacket. Im curious about what makes a comfortable shoulder area/armpit/sleeve? anyone have any tips for jackets, almost zero videos on making leather jackets. pic is something similar to what i want, I plan on using a rabbit plate to line it. if anyone has tips on adding a liner, or working with fur plates, please share. My goal for the jacket is to be very warm, very durable, somewhat comfortable. Weight isnt important to me. Anyone have any unique closure designs that are good for windproofing, etc, I just want ideas to work with. no patterns the jacket in the pic seems to be "rough out" is this a durable or waterproof design? any pros to this?
  4. I saw these on a ebay and some cobbling videos, but I never see people use them on small projects. So what exactly are these specifically for? are they better than burnishing? do you use these after burnishing? Ive done most of my beginner practice on thin soft chrome tanned leather, and I have a really hard time burnishing the edges and making them nice, is this just a characteristic of really soft chrome tan? Thanks!
  5. I just bought it so I hope so! thanks for your responses :D
  6. I found a singer 211w151, I cant find any reviews or forum posts about it, but the manual shows that its compound feed and its a good deal. Unless someone knows a reason it wouldnt work im going to buy it tomorrow. Im super excited to get one of these beefy machines.
  7. Thanks! Im located in the US, I should have added that... glad I didn't buy that machine, because I considered it a few days ago. oof Im not afraid to do some diy work to convert one to hand crank. picture below is my first rodeo with modifying machines, I was able to get at least 20hours of abuse out of it before i bent something trying to sew like half an inch of leather. I enjoy working with cars and solving problems, so i'm not too worried.
  8. I cant seem to edit the original post, i've read some of wizcrafts (awesome!) sewing machine thread, so I decided i need to add some info. Im not looking for a table or motor, I intend on making the head hand crank for now. i've got a budget of 500$, is this reasonable? Ive found a PFAFF 5487-814 Is this system considered a walking foot? It looks completely different from every other walking foot i've seen.
  9. Hello, i'm just getting into leather working and i'm at that point where hand stitching just isn't doing it. my needs are mostly just light leather, things like shoes, bags, small projects. I wont be doing any thick belts or saddles or dinorsaur leather My questions are: how much should I look to spend for a entry level used machine? can I simply buy a drop feed industrial machine and throw on a roller foot? best places to find used machines? thanks!
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