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  1. Greenwood

    kenmore 8 skipping stitches

    Hi; Just last nite I was making a Cov 19 mask and my Kenmore 8 was acting up just like you've described. I lowered the needle bar as shown on other machines on this site and the problem was partially resolved. I will now check the needle plate and maybe readjust the needle bar. One last point, this site is incredible, any problem one may have whether it be heavy duty harness or domestic machine someone from around the world is willing to pitch in and help. Wish the rest of the world would show the same willingness Layo e
  2. Greenwood

    Roller Press?

    H;i Grandma's old washing mangle will work, so will an old wringer washer, rare now a days but can be found. Worked in a leather goods shop and that what was in use. Worked very well. Good Luck Layo
  3. Greenwood

    Singer 132k6 vibrating presser bar

    Hi, Have you tried Singermania, he's in Australia and has many post on this site. He may have a used one or may direct to the right party. Good Luck, Layo
  4. I agree with JCUK. The #6 is renowned for quality of stitch and reliability. These machines are 100 years old and still bring in a good price. You indicated the price of the shuttle almost equals the purchase price of the machine. You could almost triple your money should you decide to sell. Apart from Aaron Martin in Canada, I would try Singermania in Australia by Googling the name. Good luck Leo
  5. Hi; Needles for the 6 are rare as hen's teeth. Buy them no matter what LRW stands for and please share your source with the rest of us 6 owners Thank you Layo
  6. Greenwood

    casters for work table

    Hi; J I've done this to several of my machine tables. The leg tabs are not very study so I use a 1x4 strip of 3/4" plywood and fastened them to the tabs with bolts, I extend the plywood about 1-2 inches beyond the tabs then install casters with brakes and two without. This raises the work surface about 3" but for me does not create a problem. I can now move machines around with little effort. Good Luck. Leo
  7. Greenwood

    Singer 29K60 Wheel Stuck

    Check the gearbox, whatever you do, not force it. If possible get a manual and study the action of the bottom mechanism. Could be as simple as a broken needle point that fell in the gears or a major overhaul. These machines are relatively simple and can be fixed if you follow the guide. Good Luck Manuals are available online on this site, check with Toledo for availability Leo
  8. What is that picture of???

    1. Greenwood


      Hi Doc

      Sorry I have no idea what that is.  When enlarged the unit  is stamped CS Osborne, it is crank operated and has two rollers.  I am not the person who added the pic.  I am now interested in finding what it is.  Have a good day, Leo

    2. Doc Reaper

      Doc Reaper

      Thanks, I didn’t know that this part of leather worker existed 

  9. Greenwood

    best punching board for leather

    I use a hockey puck on steel backing works great. Pucks may not be available in all parts of the world but are plentiful here in Canada.
  10. Necessity is the mother of inventions
  11. Greenwood

    Door Handle, How the Heck??

    A pic from the back of the handle may provide a clue or maybe the answer. Good puzzle Layo
  12. Greenwood

    Pearson #6 photos needed

    Hey Catskin haven't heard from you in a long time. Leo here from Regina. I bought screws from A Martin and like you said they work well with the foot I got at the same time. I later determined that the screws provided are 12-24 x 3/4 machine screws. I found some at Bolt Supply in Regina and used 2 to hold the homemade edge guide in the existing holes on the front block where the wax box attached. They are not the perfect thread but a drop of blue thread lock did the trick. The screws hold firm and are not seized in place as you might expect. They come 100 per box so I have lots on hand to spare. The next time you're in Regina call me and I'll let you have some. P.S. There was a minimum purchase price so cheaper to buy 100. Call me fivefourfivefortyonethirtynine or fivethreesixeightzerotwofive. Hope to hear from you Leo
  13. Greenwood

    Repurposing clutch motor for burnishing?

    Hi Nightshade Some where on this site someone did exactly that using a mandrel and if I recall he had a burnisher on one side and some other wheel/sanding drum on the other. Looked very functional. Gives user infinite rpms to burnish and sand great idea. Good Luck Layo
  14. Greenwood

    Sunstar km-380 cylinder arm machine

    Hi Dave I have a Singer 132K6 that I use for horse blankets and have done so for years. It is a heavy duty machine with ample room to the right of the needle to pass the heavy blanket material. I use 92 thread to sew the patches and leg straps. Unlike my Juki LU563 the Singer has plenty of tolerances in the sewing mechanism to sew blankets. Even when washed which I insist on, there is always fine sand particles left behind that can play havoc with newer machines. I clean out the race and shuttle regularly and add fresh oil at the same time. Some might say that the 132 is overkill for horse blankets which it is but having a jump foot and ample room to handle bulky material, I would certainly recommend same or equivalent machine for horse blanket repair. Good Luck. Layo
  15. Greenwood

    Pierson #6 stitcher