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  1. Thanks for the advice. The machine has sold locally. Leo
  2. IMG_0482.heicClone of the Juki 441. Has had about 10 hours of use. Comes with original factory package. $2000 Canadian. Pick up only. IMG_0482.heic
  3. HI. Check with Ron at TechSew in Montreal, they support this website and advertise on the top banner. Good luck, Techsew prices and future support are highly rated. Layo
  4. Very nice, excellent Xmas gift. Can you share the measurements. Thanks, Leo
  5. Hi Dakota, I use my patcher to repalm gloves. The head rotates 360 degrees making it easier to to reach difficult places. A cylinder machine may work but I have not tried that type of machine. Good luck and stay safe. Layo
  6. Welcome Schick where ever you are in this fine Province, you're in for a lot of information and friendly folks. Good luck in your watch strap endeavor. Leo in Regina
  7. Hi; I motorized my 29K60 (would work on any 29K) by installing a DC gear motor on the back of the base. I attached a singer foot control to regulate the speed, final maximum speed of approx. 60 spm. The foot control allows me infinite speed control from 0 to 60 spm. Good luck, Stay safe, Layo
  8. HI. I'd almost be willing to give up my Pearson No.6 for a shop like that. Beautiful, room to move around and set up a shop like it should be, not a cubby hole like many of us have where you have to leave the room to change your mind. Very nice set-up. Layo
  9. Hi Tbiglug I remember my Grandpa had a tobacco pouch made out of a cat,s bladder. No seam, had a draw string and very soft to the touch. Now if you're a heavy smoker and know a butcher you could request the size you need i.e sheep, goat, yearling bull, largest of all ask for "Ferdinand's"Jewelry box". Make compartments for you pipe, lighter and whatever else maybe a wedge of apple to keep the tobacco fresh. Still have room for a drawstring. Good Luck!! LOL Merry Xmas and a Better New Year to all Layo
  10. Hi, McMuck. I live in Regina just east of you and have a lot of equipment that may be of interest to you.. The list too long but here's a short sample Cobra 3, Juki 563, Singer 132k6, bench machines, etc., etc. After all is said I'm selling as a package only. If interested let me know. Leo, 306-five 4 five four 1 three 9, cell 306 five 3 six 8 zero 2 five. Stay safe, Leo
  11. Google "Simplex Sole Stitcher". Too bad so sad, I had one with manual and all. Donated to under privileged country. Leo
  12. Hi; Just last nite I was making a Cov 19 mask and my Kenmore 8 was acting up just like you've described. I lowered the needle bar as shown on other machines on this site and the problem was partially resolved. I will now check the needle plate and maybe readjust the needle bar. One last point, this site is incredible, any problem one may have whether it be heavy duty harness or domestic machine someone from around the world is willing to pitch in and help. Wish the rest of the world would show the same willingness Layo e
  13. H;i Grandma's old washing mangle will work, so will an old wringer washer, rare now a days but can be found. Worked in a leather goods shop and that what was in use. Worked very well. Good Luck Layo
  14. Hi, Have you tried Singermania, he's in Australia and has many post on this site. He may have a used one or may direct to the right party. Good Luck, Layo
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