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  1. The King stone set arrived a couple of days ago. They seem fine (says he of little experience). I've only been trying the #400 so far, and learning how to properly shape my knives. But it seems I'm going to have to be very careful to use the full surface of the stone because already I can feel where it's a little worn. It might just need lots of flattening. But I also ordered (and just received) a set of Shapton Glass Stones, #320, #1000 and #4000. I'm going to keep the King set at my work (we can use them there) and take the Shaptons home where I do my sewing and leatherwork. These look really really nice but I haven't tried them yet.
  2. DMT stones? Are you talking about Dan's whetstone or something else? I just received a set of Shapton Glass Stones... #320, #1000 and #4000. They look really beautiful. Now I just have to learn how to use them properly.
  3. Just wanted to report a most satisfactory resolution from George Barnsley & Sons, regarding the damaged knives I received from them. I had not asked them for replacements, but brought the issue to their attention because I wanted them to be aware and to make sure they package sharp tools properly in the future. They thanked me and said they had never had a problem before. No matter. But they offered me a 20% discount on a future order. I replied that this purchase from them was totally unsatisfactory and that it was unlikely that I would ever buy from them again. Then a day later they asked me to send a photo of the damaged corner of the round knife, but by then I'd already tried to straighten the bend and to reshape the blade. I sent them a photo but it was really hard to photograph in a way that showed the damage. In any case, this morning I got an email from them with a tracking number... They are sending me replacements for both these damaged knives and the "Global Brand Development Manager" said she had personally packaged it all. So, a very satisfactory resolution to this. Kudos to George Barnsley & Sons for the way they handled this.
  4. Well, I didn't ask them to send me a replacement and they didn't offer. I did say that I was already attempting to straighten the tip and re-shape the blade. So unfortunately since I didn't take of photo of that, I really have nothing to show them. Especially now, since I've bent the point back and tried my best to sharpen it. But I'm a novice at sharpening (to the extent needed for leather cutting tools). They suggested that perhaps Customs had opened the package and resealed it, omitting the padding material which they claim they "always" add. I've asked them if the tape on the package (I sent them a photo of the box with the point sticking out) is the tape they use to seal boxes, and if it is, then I'm convinced it's entirely their fault. But if the tape is something else, then I'd have to say they're off the hook as somewhere along the line of transport (Customs probably) it was opened. They haven't answered that question yet. I guess that if I complain loudly enough they might do something, but it's really unlike me, especially on something so relatively inexpensive. But I really wanted them to look into their packing policies to make sure it doesn't happen again. I'd hate to see because I kept my mouth shut and didn't alert them that someone else gets seriously injured.
  5. I received a reply from George Barnsley & Sons... They are at a loss to explain this. They claim to always use some padding material around the contents, but at least in this case, they didn't. They are offering me a 20% discount on a future order, but it's unlikely that I will take advantage of that. They also said that they did have a manufacturing problem with some small quantity of extension clicker handles where the jaws were too tight to insert a blade, but as I'd already improved the jaws by banging a screwdriver blade into the groove, there's nothing else to be done.
  6. I have emailed them, but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to fix the clicker knife handle (didn't get a chance to try last night) and using a stone I should be able to fix the damaged corner of the round knife, at least well enough that it could be used. I shouldn't have to do either of those things, but it would be more trouble to send the stuff back (Canada to the UK), especially since I had to pay some duty on the shipment as well. It's unlikely that I'll buy from these folks again though.
  7. This wasn't C.S. Osborne... It was George Barnsley & Sons.
  8. Thinking more about the packaging, I was concerned, surprised, pissed, that the sharp round knife was only wrapped with a single or double layer of brown kraft paper. But there's more to it... Even the way the knife was wrapped, if they'd added some kind of padding around the items, bubble wrap, crumpled kraft paper, etc. that would have probably prevented the contents from moving around inside the box. But there was nothing. Just the items thinly wrapped with kraft paper and then tossed into the box loose. It's because they were able to move around within the box that the sharp point pierced the box. Hard to imagine that they did this. I've emailed them but it was already evening in the UK when I did, so I don't expect to get any response until they start back at work on Monday.
  9. I saw a YouTube video where they were using Sam Browne (I think that's what they were called) posts... that's just a sort of shaft with round head. It was being used as a closure mechanism for a thick leather flap. My searching for such an item turned up some with screw in bases... the one in the video I think was just pressed or pounded in. Is one more useful than another? I only need one or two so don't want to place a large order, especially if I have to order from the US (I'm in Canada). Amazon (Canada) has only the screw in base type. I'm making a leather sheath for my new round knife and think this kind of closure would be nice. On the video, he skived the inside area around the punched hole so that the base sat really flat (maybe slightly recessed) against the inside of the leather which would prevent the blade from catching on it when it's being inserted. Any suggestions?
  10. Yes, you'd really think a company which specializes in knives and sharp tools would have a better idea of how to package the stuff safely. It's one thing for the products to arrive damaged, but an entirely different thing when people get hurt.
  11. Covid? I look at that photo I posted of the blade sticking out of the box and I can't stop hearing the theme from Jaws.
  12. Yes, even with the handle completely undone one half of the jaws are so tight that I can't get the blade in there. The other half is fine. I can't try to fix it here at work but will try tonight when I get home. I think that even prying that part open by banging a screw driver blade in would do the trick. Shouldn't have to do that though. Relatively minor, but gee, it was bloody dangerous how they packed the knife. The mailman will tell me next week when I see him what he ended up doing. I would expect he needs 3 or 4 stitches at least.
  13. I just received my knife order from George Barnsley in the UK... The mailman brought the package in and was bleeding like crazy. One of the points of the round knife had pierced the box and was sticking out a good 1/2". When he grabbed the box from his truck the blade sliced his palm open. We helped him clean it up and bandage it, but I'm pretty sure he needs stitches. But with the hospital emergency rooms being overloaded (with many turning away patients) due to the Covid surge, who wants to go there? The round knife had just been wrapped with brown kraft paper without anything at all to protect the blade, and then put into the cardboard box. Without any padding to keep the contents from banging around in the box. Shame on Barnsley for not packing more safely. And other than the injury, the point of the knife was bent at an angle and it's going to need work to get it back in shape. I also ordered an "Extension Clicker Handle" and blades, and the handle too seems to be bent. I can't insert a blade (not from either end when I unscrew it). Looks like the front "jaws" are bent far too closely together so that even the thin blade doesn't fit. I'm sure I can fix that, but gee, you'd think they would have enough experience to pack these sharp tools more safely.
  14. All I will need to do is properly sharpen and care for my new George Barnsley round knife and skiving knife. When you say 600 is as fine as you go, you're talking about sandpaper, right? The stones are finer grit than that aren't they? And just so I understand, shaping and preliminary sharpening are two different operations, right? So after shaping you go to preliminary sharpening, and progress right up to finishing with the strop for polishing. Thank you!
  15. @chuck123wapati Thank you for the good info! What's your opinion of this Japanese water King Water Stone Set? That plus maybe a rougher sandpaper for initial forming and a strop for polishing? When you say you use various sandpapers for the "finish sharpening" do you mean at the end after you've used a stone? I think you told me in another thread that you don't use a strop for polishing. Oh, I don't use the stones in the photo I posted, at least not in the last few years but they have been used in our shop for close to 50 years. Various employees have used them for sharpening all kinds of things. I have no intention of using them for my leather cutting tools. That's a kind of sharpening stone?
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