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  1. Dear Leatherman, I'm busy getting something new into my workshop and I'm stuck now a little bit. I learned, that Hightex offers 2 different types of TSC 441 small arm clones: - Hightex CB 3200, max foot lift 18mm, - and Hightex CB 3500, max foot lift 23mm, other technical top and bottom insides then CB 3200. Does anybody here has experience with this two different types of machines ? Thanks for Your help and keep allways Your needles sharp ;)))))) Foto by Frank Brunnet
  2. Hi folks, have been busy looking around, to serve my problem and contacted also a pro for a hint ;)))) ! He send me a link for the adjustments of a Pfaff 545, which has about the same features as the ADLER does. Now what I finally did was, bringing the small pressure foot a few millimeters more down (look at picture, that can be adjusted by those two screws, when the needle touches the needleplate with feet up), which has the effect, that the bigger presser foot moves those millimeter higher in walking mode, the smaller then a bit lower. If brought into a usefull relation, all is fine and at WORKS finally very well ! ;)) Have a nice weekend all together ! !!!
  3. Hi Michiel, thank You for the information, but this I went through already. This adjustment regulates the height of pressure foot when lifted with lifter. The movement while sewing is too low. So it must be adjusted along this movement.
  4. Yes, thank You....that feature I know. But if I move the wing nut from bottom of the " banana" to its highest poition, not much happens to the hight of the presser foot. I need one step deeper into the materia.
  5. Hi guys, have a new project with higher material. But the presser foot of my ADLER 167-73 is too low to handle the thickness. The specs out of the books say max foot lift 7mm, but I'm quiet away from those 7mm, means less (in fact 4,5-5mm). Anybody has a technical hint to fix that and reach at least the 7mill ? Thank You in advance.
  6. Dear fellows, I rescued a nice little machine called Pfaff 138 short before it went to the scrap yard. The special on this thing is, that it is driven by an 250 watts moretti motor, which sews like a bee flying over flowers, so smooth and nice, driven just by transport from below. With a dial in the middle of the top, a switch from straight to Zigzag sewing is possible. The only flaw I can find is, that the hook is missing some stitches, which could be solved quiet easily, if there wouldn't be that feature, that also twin needles can be plugged in. So I would like to do the timing by the books. Does any one of You guys own a SERVICE MANUAL for this machine ?? Thank You.
  7. Puuh....my school english is too lousy to catch up in full what You wrote. Or is it Your PC ??;)) Can You say it in other words please ?
  8. Dear Constabulary, I thank You for looking so well after me, but the world isn't so difficult as You see it. At least facts tell the truth. For sure I would have my own agent, who will take over the shipment as soon as it is on european land. Salestaxes are also no problem, because that will be charged directly by customs as the import taxes will be, which are just 3,7% for industrial sewing machines (in my case about 45 EUR). Nobody will take me to jail for this amount of money ;))? @DRY Thank You for Your report. That was the sort of information, I was looking for. Every year just Germany imports goods, machinery, tools etc. for 77 BILLIONS EUR from China. If they would sell shit, those numbers would be different. I thank You all for Your posts and for me I will take a long walk and think about all that. It's great and a privilege to have You guys around to chat about those things.
  9. Hi leathermen, Thank You very much for Your all times good arguments. You all look very well for my wellbeing. I like very much the expression of "Juki shaped boat anchor" !!! ;)))))) We have some guys here selling those machines, but I don't feel comfortable with any of them. Its sort of swimming with the sharks. A 441 with stand and a normal cheap clutch motor no extras takes 2.400 EUR plus shipment, which is quiet a piece if compared with the prices in the US. If You like a 1Phase Motor (servo) with a speed reducer instead, we talk about 3.000 EUR plus shipment. A COBRA takes more than 3.500 EUR plus shipment. The chinese head only deal would be 1.200 EUR (saving on EUR $ exchange) door to door all inklusive. No further taxes or duties are charged. That is checked. Thats why I was thinking about it in the first place !!
  10. Hi there, I've a very nasty chinese salesgirl from Alibaba on my back, who really wants to sell a TSC 441 Clone to me. The problem is that her offer is very good and transport is cheap. She works for a big manufacturer, so I'm really tempted to go for it. If there wouldn't be that little tentative voice sitting on my shoulder, whispering to me that this chinese girl will not only take my money but also my peace of soul and send me a 441 clone, which was found last year in a corner when cleaning up the workshop, looking for a new stupid owner, who has the money and passions to get it sewing straight. Anybody out there who went through this and can still sleep ? HELP !!!! Kindest regards to all leatherman Roland
  11. Hi leatherworkers, some days ago I was on the road and visiting a company busy in all leatherworks. Had a look on the machines, all brands, all types and old as usual, like Adler, Pfaff, Singer....! The ladies working with them did not, to my surprise, hold the thread while starting to sew, they just let the presser foot down and here we go. If I would do that with my Adlers, not holding the thread tight while starting, I could phone the mechanic straightaway to bring the big spareparts bag and start repairing the whole lot. I asked the owner, he said they have a great mechanic who is perfectly setting the machines to highest use and comfort. Wow, anybody of You works the same ? All tips (also the secret ones) are wellcome ;) !
  12. Since school I had trouble with physics. And here it strikes me again. Thanks for Your tip. Makes lots of sense!!! Thanks for the idea. I will try.
  13. Hi leatherworkers, my adler 269 is a real great machine. Only problem is, if I try to sew paralell close the edge the material moves out to the left side, away from feed dog and presser food. It slides out of line. Even if I hold hardly against it. What must be adjusted to avoid this ? Thanks
  14. Hello Leatherworker, just bought a good Adler 269 and I'm looking now for service instructions and all other technical information. Anybody around with a service manual for this machine ? Thanks a lot for any input. Keep save and healthy. Regards Roland
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