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  1. I think you are looking for a Singer 111W151 needle feed. https://youtu.be/71DPLtqpRds?t=384
  2. That is a very nice looking setup you have there and you got it for a great price. I am no thread expert but I can tell you what I have run. I have run Tex 35 cotton in a four thread merrow and it did great. I have run Tex 27 and Tex 40 spun polyester in other machines to good effect as well. I think thread can make a big difference in the end product so I think it comes down to some trial and error. How did the rayon do for you?
  3. These old ones can usually be picked up for 200 to 400 dollars. Parts are affordable. The newer ones can run up to a couple thousand depending on the configuration.
  4. Hi David Bruce; That picture is of an old merrow that I refurbished along with a couple of others at the time. The Merrow company is still in business and they will sell you any part that you wish. You can find their phone number on the website. http://www.merrow.com/ Have fun with it. Alexander Dyer
  5. Oh man! I wish I was closer, that is such a good deal! Who ever gets it is going to have a sweet machine at an incredibly affordable price. Thanks Uwe
  6. I agree, this is a tension issue. I think you are showing us the bottom of the stitches here right? Assuming that is true the bottom thread is winning the tug of war here. Is this the same size thread you have always used?
  7. Aw shucks, don't call me master, that is an overstatement for sure. But hey, I definitely appreciate the shout out. Thank you. It is all about the machines, they make it easy. I made another video about getting that first machine and my biggest influence while learning about these marvels of engineering was none other than Wizcrafts. He is so patient and generous with his knowledge. Thank you sir. Later I discovered Uwe Grosse who's video work and attention to detail is inspiring, be sure to check out his work on YouTube too. JackBarba, remember when you watch this that it is not so much about the exact machine in the video but rather the features of the machine that can be found on several models as you search for yours.
  8. I have for sale this Chandler branded Adler 167 GK373 Video of the machine is operation: I offer 2 purchasing options: 1.) Head Only plus shipping. I will crate the head for no additional cost but any and all shipping costs will be yours. I have a decent shipping discount that I will pass on to you, I will not make any money on shipping. 2.) Local Pickup which is Free and you will also receive for no extra cost the original table (not featured in the video, That is my Demonstration Table) clutch motor and thread stand. My price is $850 I accept PayPal and Cash. alexanderdyer42@gmail.com
  9. Hi Dakota74; All listings must include photos of the machine for sale. Also it would be helpful to include your machines model number. You are almost there Dakota74, just a little more and you will have it. You can do this. I look forward to seeing your Adler sewing machine. Regards and Thank you.
  10. Ah, yes. I see, this is much better. That spring has been riding there a good long time apparently, judging by the divot it has worn into the plate. Much appreciation.
  11. Thank you sir. I really appreciate your time and expertise.
  12. I went to thread this Adler 167 GK 373 and I was stumped, I haven't seen anything like this and after several searches apparently the interweb hasn't either. I suspect this was a work around but have you seen one like this. Faced with needing parts I wonder what a good source might be in the US. Thanks for any thoughts and input.
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