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  1. Sorry for the really long delay in responding. I haven't been on the site in quite awhile due to work, etc...I did buy the Fortuna. It's been great for everything that I've used it on (wallets, bags, card holders) all chrome tanned leather. I also bought the steel roller, a new blade and grinding wheel. I paid $1000 for it which I think is a steal since it came with the table and vacuum system. I would think a fair price for my set up is $1500-2000. I ended up buying a second top/bottom feed Fortuna with an Italian table/vacuum set up for $250!
  2. Did you ever get this thing running? If so how is it working out?
  3. It was better than the Madeira 12 but it's still not filling well enough so I'm going to try floss.
  4. Hi Alexander, I just realized that my reply never posted. Your videos have been very helpful, thanks for posting them. With regards to contacting Merrow for parts, I spoke with them and they told me to reach out to a dealer since they don't sell parts direct. It took a while but I found a dealer that had the parts that I needed in stock (eccentric feed cams). They ranged in price but averaged around $20 including shipping. It is rare to find a company that still makes parts for a machine let alone one this old and in the US no less! My machine was made between 1924-25 according to Merrow. To answer Ferg's question, pricing varies. Like a lot of vintage sewing and leatherworking machines, prices seem to keep increasing. I feel like it's ebay driving private sellers to ask often ridiculous prices for things but, I guess it's whatever folks are willing to pay. I was fortunate to get mine complete with the original table, lamp, motor, manual, tools and a few accessories for $180. At the same time there was another one for sale in my city for $600. It was a slightly different configuration but essentially the same machine and only for the head. Back to Alexander, what thread do you run through these machines? I read that Merrow floss is recommended but it's hard to find so I ordered some Madeira Rayon. I'm using #12 for the upper looper and #40 for the needle and lower looper along with a 36 cam (for patch borders). I'm hoping to add these patches to some of my leather items.
  5. Here's my Merrow machine from 1925. It's not meant for leather but can sew light garment weight leather and canvas.
  6. I 'm looking for some eccentric stitch cams for my Merrow machine. They are the little slotted barrels like this one. The part number is 6-82. If you have some for sale please let me know.
  7. Interesting! I've never seen one like this.
  8. Sounds interesting. I've never seen one, do you have a photo? I come across old machines quite often.
  9. I've decided to sell my Dixon since I already have a larger Keystone splitter along with a Landis crank. This is a rare machine that is also great for doing lap skives. It was made in England and has the original blade in great condition (no nicks or warping). This is a pull through splitter and the depth is set by the knob on the bottom. I'm asking $500 firm and would prefer local pickup in here Chicago.
  10. I think you're misunderstanding. Look at how the handle attaches to the regad transformer, it's not the wall plug. Only the handle connector would need changing is my thought. I'll look closer once I get handles in.
  11. So, the Robotemp would replace the black box/transformer.
  12. The regad transformers are what have specific voltage and they come in both 220v or 110v. The handles work on either voltage of machine. I'm talking about using a Robotemp instead of the transformer and plugging the handles into it. The plug would have to be changed but it seems doable.
  13. I recently ordered a second hand regad heat creaser from this shop in france http://www.cuirtextilecrea.com/ While I'm waiting I was moving around my Kwikprint heat stamping machines and was looking at the heat controller on them. I'm no electrician but wouldn't it be possible to wire a regad or adece handle so that it connects to the Robotemp controller from a Kwikprint? They regulate temp and are designed to stay on for long periods of time. Plus, the Robotemps are inexpensive.
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