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  1. You wont like starbond then; stinky as they get. SB950 is a Chloeoprene rubber based adhesive which works really well. The problem is getting it into the US. Its almost impossible these days. However, as Renia Colla De Cologne contact cement is probably just as good, and readily available in the US. Super stinky with a similar pot life. These adhesives flash off quickly once exposed to UV and air.. I've tried MANY brands of adhesive including water based... I always go back to the stinky stuff.. One trick I used to use with WeldWood - I'd leave the cap off of the bottle and stir it up a bit every so often. Once it gets a little thicker it behaves similarly to SB950.
  2. Hi Guys! I just picked up a used 389-1. It’s. A dual needle postbed machine. From the needle plate up, the machine looks identical to my 255. I’m having a weird tension issue on the left, bottom side of the work. It’s not every stitch just purely random. I think I’ve determined the issue is on the bottom somewhere, as I’ve put both of the upper threads on the left needle, and has similar outcomes. Just wondering if any of you had ever seen this happen, and possibly offer a solution? Yellow is the bobbin thread. https://imgbox.com/utLPIcNH https://imgbox.com/BDk97LfG https://imgbox.com/W5i9aVy7 https://imgbox.com/302mEjXV https://imgbox.com/hYmwk4Ej https://imgbox.com/qSbIUSTm
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