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    Leather crating. Cue case making. Tooling work. Pretty much anything involving leather and/or playing pool! I also collect pool cues. Did I mention pool??

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    Not enough experience to have a specialty. But I'm working on it.!
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    Tooling, dyes and color work, making cases
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  1. I'm still learning, I saw your swivel knife pouch, very nice. I found the pattern. When do you wet form the pouch, or do you? I would think yes but stapling down the whole piece on the stitch lines doesn't seem right.





  2. Cyrex

    Forest Witch

    Everything is Pro Stain except for the gold earring which is acrylic.
  3. Cyrex

    Forest Witch

    Thank you Monica!
  4. Cyrex

    Forest Witch -wip

    Thank you Thor, Casterdog, Lithops, and DJole!
  5. Retiredff: Thank you! I drew it up myself.
  6. Cyrex

    Swivel knife pouch

    Thank you Veedub3! Thanks Capsterdog! Actually, it's from a Tandy pattern. Thank you Rookie! I used Eco-Flo Cranberry first, then did a black dye over that. Blending into the red.
  7. Cyrex

    Basket weave study

    Thanks Colt and thanks Chiefport! Really appreciate that.
  8. Wade: This is a kit from Tandy Leather. It includes an adhesive panel that is built into the case. Just tool/decorate the leather panel, peel off the protective tape, and stick it on!
  9. Cyrex

    Skateboard top

    Thanks Yetiusmc! I just used Fiebings Black over RTC. The leather is very light colored so that helps a lot.
  10. Thank you Tatehunt, Capsterdog, & Eddie 1968! Really appreciate it!
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