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  1. I don't even use the ram foot when I'm stamping using my press (usually in the middle of the night) I just push right on the stamp. It doesn't seem to matter what size, shape or font. I just mash em down in the leather and get on with it. I might build one of Dwight's fences though. That is a good idea. I have an old cutting board that looks like prime fence material. Also, I glued a couple pieces of 1/8th" thick steel together to make my base. I put a magnet in the little crotch between the thing's legs and it holds the plate still. I covered the steel with tape, and found that if you are not square on a stamp (beveling etc) that tape will slide all over the place and then I cuss so much I shoulda just used a hammer in the first place. I took the tape off, and bought a push beveler and some spoons. It is slow, but works pretty well. This press is pretty good for lettering and big stamps and not bad for geometrics, but I can't tool with it worth a damn. Same goes for snaps and rivets. When I use the press, I bend every one. Maybe one day I'll drill a hole in the arbor, until then I have a rubber mallet and a 1/2" thick piece of rubber glued to the back side of my marble.
  2. Analog clocks have hands that spin around pointing to numbers so you can tell the time. The direction they turn is clockwise. Looking at the clock face with the 12 at the top, they move towards the right. Anti or counter clockwise is the opposite.
  3. If it was me, I wouldn't bother heating it. You more than likely won't be able to keep it sharp once you've annealed it. It'll likely bend at every opportunity also. Depending on how bent it is, I'd either take a hammer or pair of pliers to it. I got a couple of awl blades from Ludlow leather (I think) that I like pretty well. John James, about $5-6. They are inexpensive enough to keep a couple spares on hand. Good luck
  4. That is pretty cool. Boy, it was night and day between the project between having the background plain and then dyed. This makes me think I need to get some paint brushes. And one of those little bulls.
  5. cst

    Where Do I Go From

    Now the background is dealt with, can I get some guidance on using the spoons to clean it up? Maybe a book or video recommendation? Or just some clear instructions. Thanks very much.
  6. cst

    Where Do I Go From

    Thanks. I ordered one of those push bevelers and an f896 smooth round figure stamp as well. I figure I can kinda rub it over the rough stuff like a spoon only with a bigger surface area. It just occurred to me I could have used a teaspoon for that. I appreciate the help
  7. cst

    Where Do I Go From

    I like that. Thanks. I'm going to go order one now
  8. cst

    Where Do I Go From

    If another picture would help, here it is at the same level of humidity only a different angle
  9. cst

    Where Do I Go From

    Thanks. That's some 3-4oz stuff I bought from TLF three or four years ago, that I've slowly been using up as welts. Once it is sanded, slicked and painted all the surface defects don't matter. I cut through in a number of places, maybe I need a heavier hand with my spoon. Or maybe I should go buy a shoulder of something heavier to learn on. I have one of those nylon swivel knife bevelering blades I bought a few years ago, but seem to have misplaced it. Springfield leather tells me they are all sold out and will probably have some more at some undetermined time in the future. Maybe.
  10. Here I know it needs work, I just don't know what to do with it. This is my first attempt at beveling and I'm using spoons because I live in a no hammer zone. I know I need to cut the red wire, but all of a sudden I'm color blind. I know practice will help, both with the swivel knife and spoons, but I am not sure what to practice. I spent about two and half hours beveling and smoothing and rounding. I just am not sure what I'm doing. Wrong or right. The title of this should have been "I just am not sure what I'm doing" So, any advice? Sell my tools and soak my head? Are there instructional DVDs I can buy that focus on swivel knives and spoons?
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