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    Webb Road Flea Mrkt
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    Motorcycles, Goldens, Wood Carving, Megan Fox, Rock Music!

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    Small containers, Bags, Belts, cases,
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    Stamp making and dying leather! Quick sewing methods.

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Biker (first and formost!) Former Marine, Army, Airforce. Married with child, 3 goldens, hate jackholes, Never snaped a pic of my work untill wife said to! I will be adding to albums as I get things started and done, fighting Lyme Disease, which gets in the way at times. Business and Engineering papers, also have paper for Medical Assistant. Worked with leather off and on from the age of 12, Want to carve dragons and fairies into leather but cost of materials is frightning (I want to make em big!), Like to be pointed in the direction or good prices or beautiful work.

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