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  1. I have had bad experiences with anything made in china, ask anyone outside of china about the quality items that come from china, there will be a few positive remarks! just about everything i have had that was made in china was poorly made! My advice is to shy away from things made in China - even the spies
  2. So what’s the smallest needle you use????
  3. I have machines to make my projects go faster, I’m trying to find a light to medium machine, WHAT WUOLD YOU PURCHASE???????????????
  4. What do you use to sew wallets, purses, and the like. Please use a simple answer and not a long winded response I need to know the machine and model number, needle size, thread size, and clearance I’m told if I get real answers my puppy won’t pee on my rug
  5. I have read through the responses and I saw Singer 111, CB 3200, consew 206rb, cb227r, and a cb341 i too am looking for a sewing machine to make wallets. I need a straight answer, most of what I read would confuse a beginner looking for help!
  6. The pressure foot is adjustable, I had tracks but once I relieved the pressure it was fine
  7. wow! no replies on this, should I be embarrassed?
  8. have you tried an air brush?????
  9. A customer ruined his tool bag the first time he cranked the $36,000 (used price). It was basically a leather sheet with two ashtrays as end caps. I gave him a one and only creation! The end caps have names and are two distinct characters - Louie and Ralph (names determine the side of the bike they are on)
  10. This was commissioned for a young teen by his Dad, and it was happily accepted after he saw the test piece and thought the test strap was his sons
  11. I have to agree with everything you just covered. Plus one more thing - never dye the liner if they wear light color clothing. Darker dyes and stains will eventually rub off!
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