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  1. Regarding fluid looking curves I have watched a lot of videos by Joe Meling and I admire his skill level so I case a bunch of smaller pieces of leather and cut curves over and over. Then I practice more curves starting with a deep cut and fading out and then starting shallow and going deep. Practice, Practice, Practice. Also most of my patterns are drawn many times, people try to tell me I am an artist but I know I am just persistent.
  2. Thank you very much, be careful with Cocobolo you can develop a sever allergic reaction to it. I had worked with it for years intermittently and then one time everywhere the wood dust touched my skin the top layers of skin died like a very bad sunburn. It took almost a month to heal. If you are interested her name is Emerald and her You Tube channel is Lumber Capitol Log Yard. She is the pretty Redhead.
  3. The knife still needs some finish work obviously but here it is. The sheath will last many years despite appearances The only thing I would be concerned about is the turquoise inlay, so I drilled several small holes in the back with a diamond drill and attached a piece of 3oz vegtan with JB weld I have tested this process and the leather is what gives first. The other concern is the Mother of Pearl inlay being scratched, that is why I put the retaining strap at the top to kind of protect it. This Knife is going to a young lady that works as part of her family business running a sawmill at their lumberyard in Pa. And the knife is made to fit her hand not mine if it looks a little small. I am sure it will be well cared for Thank you.
  4. You can put a lining over them or smash them flat, or if you must use them place them only where they may come into contact with the blade not the handle and use copper or brass, being softer metals, they can't scratch the blade
  5. Thank you I need a program to resize my photo's (free) any suggestions?
  6. The notched part on the spine of the blade is called a choil, not that anyone asked.
  7. A knife and sheath I just finished. Olive wood handle and inlay from a dead tree I salvaged some wood from with violet resin inlay where the wood was split from drying.
  8. Those sheaths are very well made, everything about them is well executed and finely done, nice job!
  9. I have made a few with veg-tan I am not sure oil tanned would have the body or stiffness due to it being chrome tanned, but I am no expert in the matter.
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