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  1. This is true, as an alternative you can skive around the hole for the stud on the inside, then case the leather at the hole before screwing down the stud, and add a little super glue to the threads so it won't come loose. Also, if the screw is brass, it won't harm a steel blade.
  2. You are doing it backwards apply the Resoline to seal the leather after dyeing then the paste after the resoline dries to get the color down into the tooling then wipe away the excess paste. after it t dries put on a final coat of resoline to seal. The first coat of Resoline seals the leather so the paste only dyes the tooling indentations. If a product has been working for thousands of folks for many years, then chances are it is not the product that is at fault.
  3. Nice work I really love that border, and the way you fade the veins in the oak leaves, nice touch!
  4. If you stick packing tape on the back of the leather before tooling and burnish it down firmly it will keep the leather from stretching out of shape. It will raise the nap on the leather when you remove the tape, but you can slick that back down with your favorite leather finish.
  5. Very nice, is the piece in the back elastic? or nylon webbing? Also, would you mind telling me what those spring-loaded hooks are called? I want to make some for myself. That is a LOT of stitching.
  6. I no longer wonder how you are so darn good at leather work- I frequently say, no lesson is more valuable than having to redo an almost complete project. You do phenomenal work, thanks for sharing.
  7. Both of those are quite nice, The only changes I might make is to not use white thread because with use it starts to look a little dingey and I would also use oval holes for the buckle tang. These things are very minor compared to the quality of your work, I wish I could do as good.
  8. Check out Prince Armory on You tube, I consider the best and great tutorials and patterns if you want
  9. I am not sure if this is what you are looking for, but a brush modified to only have just a few bristles with a thinned down paint might give the effect you want, kind of like shading but with color.
  10. I understand your problem, What I did was thinned the paint with water, 3 parts water and one part paint. Then added several coats to get the desired look.
  11. No photos ... No sale, I may be wrong but if they refused to give me photos I would just walk away
  12. Good Idea! Please let me know how that works out!
  13. It looks like you do very nice work, but the photos taken at an angle make it hard for the camera to focus on the whole image, or the proportions, like a photo of a tree taken from under the tree. I would love to have a clearer view.
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