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  1. Both of those are quite nice, The only changes I might make is to not use white thread because with use it starts to look a little dingey and I would also use oval holes for the buckle tang. These things are very minor compared to the quality of your work, I wish I could do as good.
  2. Check out Prince Armory on You tube, I consider the best and great tutorials and patterns if you want
  3. I am not sure if this is what you are looking for, but a brush modified to only have just a few bristles with a thinned down paint might give the effect you want, kind of like shading but with color.
  4. I understand your problem, What I did was thinned the paint with water, 3 parts water and one part paint. Then added several coats to get the desired look.
  5. No photos ... No sale, I may be wrong but if they refused to give me photos I would just walk away
  6. Good Idea! Please let me know how that works out!
  7. It looks like you do very nice work, but the photos taken at an angle make it hard for the camera to focus on the whole image, or the proportions, like a photo of a tree taken from under the tree. I would love to have a clearer view.
  8. I was only offering his video as a method that helped me and might help others. Perhaps posting a video of your method would help even more.
  9. Yeah, seems like that would have a similar effect, The only difference would be not having your hand near the cutting edge with Sam Andrews method, cutting leather is tough and anything that makes it easier or more accurate helps
  10. It takes a little practice like anything, but works very well, especially for tight corners and radii. Also no going back over the same cut and doesn't require as much hand strength.
  11. There is a youtube channel called Hank strange and a video called "Carjacker holster" The man that does the leatherwork is named Andrews and he has a unique method to cut thick leather easily, making tight corners cleanly and accurately. I have never seen this done elsewhere and this is the method I use all the time now
  12. And if it wasn't already confusing enough Springfield leather has a great selection of buckles at good prices and the quality is very good.
  13. The stamps don't seem to index with each other, so you end up with inconsistent spacing that results in disruptions in the pattern. Good starting point, they just need some refinement. I hope you stick with it, you show promise of great things to come.
  14. I have been using acetone for years with good results. It will even work after the glue is set for cleanup.
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