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  1. Yep. I notice though that while your willing to put down others recommendations, you do not recommend any product. What do you use?
  2. Everyone is welcome to their opinion. Having worked with leather for some time now I think you get your money's worth with Obenauf's. I've used it for a long time and have always been satisfied. A few years back there was a gentleman on this forum, his name was Ray, don't remember his user name. Anyway he did product testing and over the years amassed about every leather preservative out there. When he decided to call it quits and retire I bought a bunch of these products from him. Long story short. There where a few other products that passed a short term waterproofing test as good as Obenaufs but none that lasted as long. None that even came close to standing up to heat. An example is a product I make to protect a riders inner legs from the heat of a motorcycle engine. I tired Aussie, Belvoirs, Pecards, Bee Natural's, Effax, Nick's and probably a dozen more I can't remember. 90% of them would seep back out of the leather and burn and blister the surface under the heat of the engine in the first week. The other 10% in the first month. I never even knew this was a possibility as I had always used Obenauf's as it was suggested by a mentor. Anyway, I buy it by the gallon bucket and use it on pretty much anything I make that will see a lot of out door use. A little goes a long way...and for the record if you read up on it on their website you will find it's more than beeswax and honey. Anyway, I'm starting to sound like an infomercial...
  3. Mark842

    Randell leather creaser 1887

    It makes lengthwise creases on straps...belts, etc. The rollers towards the left end are used to mold a strap to put a cord in between two layers. It's not a creaser as in something that folds leather.
  4. Mark842

    Is Facebook now Vegan????

    Quote from Natalie Portman. “Only after I became active in women’s issues did I realize that my veganism was related to those very issues,” she told the crowd. “Dairy and eggs don’t just come from cows and chickens, they come from female cows and female chickens. We’re exploiting female bodies and abusing the magic of female animals to create eggs and milk.” All I can say is I'm glad I'm old and will probably die before this shit gets too crazy!
  5. IMO your looking for a unicorn to do both good. I have the Cobra version of the CB3200 and it is an excellent machine but it will struggle with anything under 6 oz. the problem is that the smallest needle and thread combo you can get away with using basically leaves you with not enough thickness to hide the knot. I honestly don't know of any machine that will sew both good. You need to decide what product you want to start with, either the garment leather products or the sheaths. Seeing your last post your making a good choice. you're going to love that machine!
  6. Mark842

    Tandy Pricing Structure Change

    Got a leather from them today stating that starting today, the 29th they will begin their "Everyday Honest Prices" and that as a business customer I will get an additional 15% off. It's as I suspected for me. I called up the manager at my local store and checked what my new prices will be for the hardware I was still purchasing from them. My great deals are gone. She can no longer give me anything better than the 15% off. Guess it was nice while it lasted. I'll be ordering elsewhere.
  7. Mark842

    Tandy Pricing Structure Change

    Probably not a good thing for me for the hardware items and dyes I still purchase at my local store. The manager there always gave us great deals beyond the business discount as we are their largest customer in the area. That being said, seems like every time I try to order some hardware they discontinued the item and I have been slowly finding other sources. Good prices are nice but when you have a product line that sells good you need to know the hardware your customers are used to will remain available.
  8. Had a similar on the jail client. Had a customer that gave us a substantial down payment (5 figures) on a custom motorcycle build. He was in our shop once or twice a week following progress and going over details. All the sudden poof! Gone. No contact no nothing...days, weeks, months, years. Got tired of seeing it sit on my sales floor and having it piss me off everyday so I hired a P.I. Guy was in prison doing life. Found out by law I could legally sell it but only at enough to cover my losses. We were able to add into those losses reasonable storage but it still wound up be a crappy deal. No more pay as you go deals on custom builds after that for us.
  9. Haha..I should contact him and tell him I can make it for him but since I've never made one before it will take 8 weeks and won't be as good. I don't think these people read and understand that these things are being made to order and that what I have in stock is the leather to make it. I'd refund that dude, move on and never look back.
  10. Mark842

    Fender bib

    Looks awesome! I would keep a close eye on the underside and make sure that Kydex doesn't rub it's way through the lining and noodle up your paint. I'm curious about your statement of the edges curling without the kydex. I've never had that issue and I've made a boat load over fender panels over the years. I have a couple spare fenders in the shop and I wet form the panel to the fender in between tooling and dying. I just wet it down and use pallet wrap plastic to wrap it to the fender and let it dry...dye, seal...ride.
  11. Hi,

     In response to your saddle shop sale. I'm in Clearfield Utah and will be passing through Rawlins when I go to Sheridan for the trade show. I'm very interested in what you have. I don't do saddlery, my leather products are for motorcycles but we are in need of more sewing machines. Currently have two Cobra 4's and they do stitch good for what they are but frankly my old Landis 1 makes a better looking tighter stitch..problem is only in a straight line. Anyway, interested in what you have, and yes, I have the money and I sense from your post that this is the type of deal that will not need to be negotiated. You can message me here or if you would rather email, my email is



  12. Mark842

    Etsy Alternatives Help

    This is true. I'm on my 2nd year on Etsy as I never thought it would be a good platform for my products (motorcycle related). I sell on Amazon, ebay and my own Website also. Amazon leads the pack, Feebay is in 2nd and my website in 3rd. That being said, My Etsy sales year to date are double what I made all year on Etsy. It's a pleasant surprise so far. Are sure the problem is the venue? Trends come and go and very few products sell good forever.
  13. Yep. I have a hard time answering questions that are already clearly explained. Luckily my business partner is willing to answer these questions as it is probably 30% of our paying base. An example listing: Title: Pair of Black Leather Motorcycle Lever Covers with XXXX..... Description: Blah blah, blah...... Included with purchase: 1) Pair of leather lever covers (2 covers) 2) Leather Lace and bead set 3) Installation Instructions #1 question we get every single day? "Is this for one cover or the set?"
  14. Yep, I've experienced it when I use to offer stuff that could be customized. I would put it right in the listing that if they did not include the needed info within 24 hours their order would be refunded and canceled. After dealing with over and over for a few months I no longer sell anything customizable on Etsy. Then I don't have to worry about stock being tied up. I would suggest making a model of your hatband with an adjustable buckle so you can just say it will fit a hat with a size xx to xx. Then do a separate listing for each tooling design.