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  1. Mark842

    Can a binding attachment do this?

    Yep, I've done it the way your saying also. The only reason I didn't mention it is because I've never been able to figure out how to get a neat corner or tight radius for a corner as you have found. On a good note, like anything else the more you do this the easier it gets. If it were me, thread is relatively inexpensive. I would run a stitch line that will be under the binding to hold the foam to the matt leather. Then a good double sided sticky tape will work for holding the binding. Don't bother with Tandy's, it ain't strong enough. I get mine from Makers Supply.
  2. Mark842

    Can a binding attachment do this?

    There really aren't any binding attachments that will allow 5-6 oz leather slide through them. I gave up years ago trying to use a binding attachment with 2-3oz. I've since learned how to do it with a binder. Just lay the leather strip face down on the matt edge (face to face). Stitch them together however far from the edge you want the binding to go. After stitching this line fold the strip your using for binding back and around the edge. I use a quality double sided sticky tape to hold it in place and stitch right through the hole thing all the way around the edge.
  3. Mark842

    Bulk order of 1100 luggage tags

    Down payment to cover your costs up front. Can't tell you how many times I've been approached for bulk orders that never happened when they found out they actually had to make a down payment.
  4. Tandy has one now also. My disclaimer is I have not looked into it yet. I just know it is $500 retail.
  5. Mark842

    Timing marks on Durkopp 239?

    here is a link for a video that Uwe posted on another thread showing some of the timing info that is the same for your machine. He would probably be willing to help you if you reach out to him.
  6. Mark842

    Stamp dilemma

    I'm a big fan of the older Craftool stamps for most stamps. Specifically pre 1969 Craftool stamps. Over the years I've purchased a tremendous amount of stamps, 99% of which I don't need but I enjoy collecting them. The older craftool stamps IMO opinion were just made better. I haven't searched for any in a long time as I hardly ever have time to tool anything anymore but when I used to but I would go on eBay and search "Vintage craftool stamp lot". This will probably bring you a couple hundred listings varying in size from 2 stamps for a few bucks to hundreds for thousands. So...due diligence. Many sellers will call any craftool stamp vintage because they know it is worth more if vintage. If you can not see the name and numbers on the stamp in the photos ask the buyer what the name says exactly. If the name on the stamp says Craftool Co. USA or Craftool USA it is post 1969. The pre 69 tools will say Craftool Co and either just a number (pre 63) or Craftool Co with a letter prefix and number (63-69). if you go this route check the pictures for nice clean heads on the stamps. There are plenty to be found. Exceptions to this for me is I like Barry King basket weave stamps and I am also a Fan for Sergey for geometrics and stuff you just can't find anywhere else.
  7. Mark842

    Kevon Lee tools?

    Ive purchased irons from him on eBay. Good stuff. Been awhile since I ordered them so I don't really remember how long it took to arrive.
  8. Mark842

    New to me Consew

    Yep...what whiz said on the servo motors with a pot over buttons. The only exception I've had is the servo motor used on my Cobra 4 but that would be overkill for your application. While your waiting for your new servo motor to arrive find a piece of foam and jam it under the foot pedal. Simple trick that helped me control my speeds with a clutch motor on a fast machine.
  9. And I'm betting using a airbrushing booth or similar 3 sided hooded work area would make it disperse even faster...
  10. Like I said earlier I use bilge fans. The average bathroom fan only moves 50-80CFM and cost in the $50 range. I went and looked up the two bilge fans I picked up. They are 270CFM each and unlike a bathroom fan the motors are sealed. I would compare the noise to that of a computer fan. the two drawbacks are they are 12V fans. I pulled an old computer power supply and it works great. The second drawback is a recommended run time for no more than 4 minutes. That is why I put in a second one so I can get 8 minutes if I'm doing a bunch of gluing. For the average project I'm spending about 1 minute spreading the glue max and few waiting for it to get tacky. if you go this route take some screen and put it over the intakes for the fan. They will pick up a piece of small leather and suck it in. I had to go out in the yard a few times to find pieces of my project. As for fumes, I smell nothing when using them. I'm using Seaflo 4". $30 each and they are specifically made for venting explosive fumes before starting a boat engine so the motors are completely sealed so the fumes can't detonate. They have a 4" PVC flange on each end so you can hook up a cheap dryer vent hose and run it anyhow you 2cents.
  11. Tom, Thanks for that but I must admit most of it was over my head. What I did understand is that I don't have to feel that I wasted my money on exhaust fans. I bought them for airbrushing but when I do use barge, which is only for high heat applications, I do it in my airbrushing booth so it ventilates. I was only half worried about blowing up...I was more worried about killing off the few brain cells I didn't wipe out in the 70's.
  12. While I do believe Fred that these explosions are probably a myth. I fell victim to the myth and made sure I set up my airbrush booth for lacquer paints with an explosion proof fan. The fans that are sold in the modeling/airbrushing are very pricey. Since one of my long time hobbies is boating I was aware of bilge blower fans. You can find them for $25-30 new all over eBay. I use two 4" ones with dryer vent hose attached. I then bought me some window screen framing material at home depot and made a frame to fit my window with a bracket to hold the vent hose. Put it and paint...remove when done. That all being said. I have great success with the original Weldwood glue that Home Depot sells. The newer stuff that does not say original doesn't work worth a damn..well at least for what I tried it on. The Original works good and has no fumes or smell.
  13. Mark842

    How I now straighten leather for strap cutting

    Good to see this post up revived again. It was a head slapper for me and I did steal the idea from Rocky. Makes it so much easier. I must say though, I thought I did a lot of straps running 2-3 hides a week thru my strap cutter. Holy Mackerel Rocky! How many straps you going through?
  14. While not impossible to use this patcher for what your saying you want to make it will be difficult. Holsters..probably impossible as the desired thickness will be more that the machine can handle. The other issue patchers is sewing straight lines. Unless you build a flatbed top for it and make edge guides it is very difficult to sew straight with this machine. As for advice on getting it up and running, you will need to post what it is and is not doing. What I would suggest is get it cleaned up and running good, sell it to help finance a machine that will fit your needs.
  15. Mark842

    machine - belt or bench sander edges?

    I use one like the pic shown of the Harbor Freight one. The brand on mine is Wen but it looks like the same unit. I think I paid $70 for it at Walmart about 3 years ago.