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  1. I know Campbell makes one. It will cost you more than Weavers. And for the record I've owned the Weaver punch for about 6-7 years. Punch with it every day. Never had the issue you describe.
  2. We average about 1000 packages out a month. 99% we use 1st class package. We are seeing minor delays everywhere. Basically most items would arrive in 2 business days anywhere in the US before this mess hit. Now it is 4-5 business days with the exceptions of New York and Chicago which have been absolute nightmares. Pretty much every package that has gone into the Bronx distribution center since May has been MIA. Everything that has gone into the Lake Zurich , ILL facility has taken a 3-4 week vacation. Like Nstar, we have also stopped shipping international for the time being as we have about 200 items out there MIA for about a month or so...Seems like it got really bad the beginning of July. Our local Post Master is of the opinion that 1st class package is actually a little better than priority right now as there are more trucks moving than planes. Whether there is any truth to that I don't know.
  3. If it is an older swing arm type press most models are pretty much made them same and there are a ton of old clicker presses out there. IMO unless the deal is phenomenal and the press looks in good condition I would not buy a press I couldn't test before hand. You could wind up with a 3000 LB paper weight. Finding people that know how to work on them is hard. I had one of my older Fipi presses go down a few years ago and it took my almost 3 years to find someone that could fix it. As for if it would work for what you want? The little bit I could see about it online from one that sold in the past says it's a 25 ton. That is more than enough. I have a 25 Ton and two 15 tons and have not come across anything yet leather wise the 15 tons can't handle even with very involved dies and 14oz leather.
  4. https://leathermachineco.com/product/cobra-class-20-upholstery-feet-set/
  5. Either a Cobra 4 or a Cowboy CB4500. You are going to have a hard time finding them in your budget but you are close on a used one. You see them pop up in the $2200 range on this site and some of the trade forums on FB. While you are saving up watch for one close to you. They are beasts and are expensive to ship. You also may want to call The leather machine co for Cobras and Toledo sewing for Cowboy. they are both basically the same machine so it comes down to which is closer to you for shipping. I know LMC usually has some used ones available to. Both dealers are top notch and neither will sell you more than you need.
  6. Yep, nice looking Kingsley there. I'm with Wiz, i have two that look like dinosaurs but the work great. A free tidbit of information. I have found that I can use Foundry letterpress type on them so you can use larger fonts. I spell out what I want with the letterpress type, run a piece of electrical tape around them to hold them in line. Them I use double sided tape to hold the letters to the letter block on the Kingsley. You will need to run the heat setting higher than the smaller letters but it works great. 2nd free tidbit. About the only thing that ever goes wrong on them is the heating element. There is a guy on eBay that makes and sells them. His seller ID is lou_dawg
  7. Well it appears the conversation has ended and the name calling and putting people down has begun so I am out. To the initial 3 in this conversation, thanks. It is obvious you all care about our country while we have different views. I respect your opinions, have a great day! I'm done with work now. I'm gonna go kill some golf balls!
  8. Yes, I saw this story also, several times. So in your opinion Any sitting president should ignore the advice of the CDC's top guy (the one you say is in Trumps pocket) yet he has served under 6 different presidents from different parties. It is obvious from your posts that you are anti anything Trump. I get it. But using that logic that Trump is a fool, somehow you think that he is smart enough that he should have started taking actions beyond what his very top medical advisors where telling him? You do understand that presidents have advisors because they can't possibly know everything right? Even The World Health organization was saying that Trump was over reacting when he banned travel from China...
  9. Source: Fox news, White House, Dr Anthony Fauci. Dr Fauci explains that President Trump approved every single action that he, the head of the CDC requested immediately. What does golfing have to do with taking action? I have lots of problems going on in my life right now due to this mess. They have just opened golf courses here with social distancing rules. I have been golfing every single day since the re-opened weather permitting. Amazingly I am still able to get all my business done. Am I supposed to sit in my house and do nothing all day? Or shop I delegate jobs to my employees and take care of the business I need to take care of and recreate. It clears my head and keeps me sane. Don't think I'm defending Trump blindly. The guy is a buffoon with no moral character. But when he does something good I call it like I see it, same with when he does something bad. The difference is in both scenarios I get my news from multiple credible sources and then decide. Listen to Fox, CNN, and BBC and you will find the truth lies somewhere in the middle. https://www.axios.com/fauci-trump-coronavirus-clarification-48ea405a-a25d-4820-b5e0-dab697e899b0.html
  10. And here we go with the blame game. lets get the public so busy fighting about who's fault something is they will become tribal about their political views. We came make them think all politicians outside their party are evil and want the country to fail. They will be so busy fighting about who is to blame the government will be able to do anything it wants. People will vote for a bad idea just because their party suggests it. Amazing.
  11. No, can't find anything regarding this on the CDC website or any legitmate news source. Please supply a link to it on the CDC website. I would like to read it.
  12. I never did like where our country/society was heading so I never had kids. Don't have to worry about what will happen to them. As for government surveillance, I was stationed at Clark Airbase in 82. When I arrived I looked over at this big metal monstrosity of antennas and asked what it was. Was told it was called the Elephants cage, don't worry about it. Turns out because of my job I had to learn about it, It was listening post. It was able to monitor any signal broadcast anywhere in the world. Computers and internet weren't a thing yet so it was manned by humans listening for keywords and then recording conversations when they heard them. Bottom line, they have been listening to all our communications for decades. Stop getting your news from Facebook. Please explain to me how someone would try and push their agenda to get people to vaccinate for something by saying the vaccine will be 7 times deadlier than the virus. While Gates funds a medical research institute he has no medical degree. Please list a source showing this information that the vaccine (any vaccine ever put into use) is 7 times deadlier than the disease. And lets see some legitimate sources, not Billybob from the backwoods news channel on Youtube.
  13. We agree on the vaccinations for sure. Herd immunity is a thing and we need to protect all by vaccinating those that safely can be. Whether or not this is worse than the flu my jury is still out. As far as the "It's not getting any better". The numbers where I am say something completely different. We are testing more than ever now in Utah with new test becoming available every day by the thousands. Our governor is now asking people with no symptoms to test. yet with all these new tests our numbers of infected people continue to decline daily over the past 5 days from a peak over 112 a day testing positive to yesterday 42. We have 19 deaths from Covid-19 this year. Every single one of them an older person with other health issues. So far in the 2020 flu season Utah has had 29 influenza deaths. 11 older people with other health issues, 7 under the age of 18 consider healthy, and the rest somewhere in between. Covid -19 is real and dangerous, don't think I'm saying it is not. I also think our health organizations and politicians fudge the numbers to direct money and political gain.
  14. True. Source Worldmeter , scroll down to "health" 140,000+ deaths this year from influenza. Then click on Coronavirus on the top of the page. 129,000 deaths so far worldwide. https://www.worldometers.info/
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