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  1. Mark842

    Needle Sticking in Leather

    The name for what is happening is called flagging. The usual culprit is incorrect needle/thread size for the leather or glue that is not completely dry. What size needle and what size thread are you using? What type of leather and how many oz total? Is your glue dry all the way?
  2. Mark842

    Leather suppliers in Northwest

    I know these guys are not in Seattle, they are in Napa, Ca. But hey, that's a lot closer than Sweden. Check out Napa Hide House. They stock a ton of leather and are great to deal with.
  3. Mark842

    Help with UMC Hydralic Clicker Press

    I've replaced the oil in one of mine with Shell Tellus 46. Found it recommended in one of the manufacturers maintenance models since I don't have a manual for my Fipi. Anyway, it has been running fine with it for the past 2 years.
  4. Mark842

    Problems with access to

    That would be my worry. I'd be wary of placing an order with them using a proxy till you know for sure they will ship to you. I've played that game before and had my money tied up for a few weeks before they refunded.
  5. Mark842

    I need clicker help

    Yeah, it looked like the rats living in that nest were feeding on your wires. You probably can wire around the potentiometer to make the press work but without that working properly you will constantly be ruining your cutting boards. You might try contacting these people. They have helped me out with parts over the years. Don't know where your knowledge is on electronics but if you have an ohm meter you should be able to read across the terminals on that Pot that the wires are hooked to WITH NO POWER APPLIED and turn the dial on the pot and see if the resistance changes. I'm guessing that pot is either open or just so dirty the mechanical wiper isn't making contact anymore when it turns. If you can find an old part number on that thing you might get lucky searching direct for a spague part but if you found one it would be a survivor. I replaced one in one of my Fipi's a few years back with a newer type I bought from the link I gave you. It was about 1/10th the size and I had to make my own adapter plate to put it in but it works great. If I remember right it cost me about $150.
  6. Mark842

    Best strap cutter?

    That is it in a nut shell. The strap cutter works well and is a lot safer IMO. The only issues I ever had was cutting 10 ounce and up heavier leathers. I would constantly snap blades.
  7. Mark842

    Finally found a Adler 30-7

    I think this just has to do with the availability of the machines on this side of the pond. I always look at eBay in Germany and drool over all the wonderful machinery still readily available over there. I've driven 1800 miles a few times to pick up machines.
  8. My eyes are old and your pic is a little small. From what I can see it looks similar to one of Barry Kings Border Stamps shown below. If it looks right, google him and you will find it. Also keep in mind he has tons more stamps not listed online. If this is not what you want and no one else in here can help you, try sending him a pic and see if he has a match or something close.
  9. I Use the original Weldwood Contact cement everyday on a flexible product between to layers of 9 ounce latigo before sewing. It absolutely dries flexible. Barge does also, and I suspect Barge has a stronger bond but I don't know for sure as I usually sew the laigo pieces I glue within an hour of gluing them. I have pulled apart two pieces of oil tanned within a half hour of gluing with Weldwood and got them apart. I have tried to do so in the past using Barge and was not able to pull the pieces apart. Out of cusriousity, since my project was already ruined, I put the leather in a vise and grabbed the other half with pliers. It actually ripped the suede side of a 5 ounce oil tanned partly off before I got tired of tugging on it. I use the weldwood more often because it doesn't stink to high heavens and not everything needs a super strong grip.
  10. Mark842

    Maker's Leather Supply

    I order from them regularly and have nothing but good experiences.
  11. Mark842


    Yes, Straight edge with a rotary cutter. I had me one of those clear plastic straight edges they make for quilting like the one linked below. Saved a ton of time as you could line up the lengthwise lines on it with your first line and then just keep moving it over one line. Hopefully that makes sense.
  12. Mark842

    Job Specific Sewing Machines

    Actually just found this on eBay!84015!US!-1:rk:5:pf:0 and I'm thinking it would work. I'm trying to get my pea brain around the pulley sizes for speed control and torque. I already have a spare speed reducer pulley sitting here from the leather machine co. The place selling this pulley has them available with an 8.25" O.D. and 5" O.D.. I'm inclined to go with the 5" thinking the 8" might be too slow. I'm just judging this from using my Cobra 4 as I currently have the speed control set as fast it will go and while it is an OK speed for some stuff like belts I wish it could be a little faster...the joys of production work. All this being said, I don't even know how much I will use the Singer 7. I have a problem with just liking cool old machines!
  13. Mark842

    Job Specific Sewing Machines

    Thanks to both of you for the ideas. I was actually thinking og doing BoB's idea. I'm wondering if I can just bolt the wide belt pulley that was set up as a pressure clutch and then just put a wide pully on the servo motor and just make my own belt.
  14. Totally understand the paranoia. Like I said I check everything I can before downloading it and if I can't check it doesn't get downloaded. If Malware bytes gives me a warning on page I'm done with it, no questions asked.