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  1. nstarleather

    Wickett & Craig . . . does it normally take this long?

    If they don't have it on the shelf it can be a while between runs. I order 2000 feet at a time from Horween and the wait is usually 2-3 months.
  2. nstarleather

    New from SC

    Welcome from another South Carolinian! We're here near Charlotte on the NC/SC border.
  3. nstarleather

    Product for hire

    Are you looking for natural veg that you'd dye or just any thing with the color or thickness of the pictures. This is something we could do, you'd have to pay for cutting dies. I'll need the dimensions of the patterns and the material and I can get you a quote. Email me to discuss details: nstarleather@shtc.net
  4. nstarleather

    Clicker pressing. laser cutting, production work

    Those are nice and yes 3/4" even wood filled dies will work for a few hundred of something depending on the shape, but if I'm doing quantities of anything over 1000, I'll encourage the customer to spring for better dies.
  5. nstarleather

    I need clicker help

    That part is usually just a switch on the side (right side on my machines).
  6. nstarleather

    Clicker pressing. laser cutting, production work

    I have to agree with Rocky here that a clicker die is your best bet by far...though depending on the shape $200 might not completely cover the cost for a heavy duty cutting die (I wouldn't recommend anything less than a forged die for cutting 10-12oz bridle long term). Are you providing the leather for the project? It's possible I could do the clicking work and maybe embossing if you're talking a decorative embossing die (the same on every piece). Edge finishing and sewing on that type of leather isn't really something we do here though....
  7. nstarleather

    Which leather to use for "rustic look"?

    Yeah technically crazy horse is supposed to be a buffed (sanded) leather with oils and waxes to give it pull up qualities as opposed to a full grain-ish (smooth) pullup like Chromexcel.
  8. nstarleather

    Which leather to use for "rustic look"?

    Pull up leathers are what you're looking for or distressed.
  9. Lets see...yeah I've got a few things up on Reddit and here: Horween Pebble Grain Sides: https://www.reddit.com/r/LeatherClassifieds/comments/b2kw8d/horween_pebble_grain_brown_and_tan_350_per_foot/ Still have Mohave Desert sand in two Weights at $2 per foot: https://www.reddit.com/r/LeatherClassifieds/comments/al2y0y/boot_leather_deal_2_per_foot_desert_sand_and_black/ Still able to do this scrap deal: https://www.reddit.com/r/LeatherClassifieds/comments/8vkhxq/50lbs_mixed_high_end_shoe_scrap_mostly_horween/ SB Foot Featherstone Leathers: https://www.reddit.com/r/LeatherClassifieds/comments/89sbq9/sb_foot_premium_leathers_aka_featherstone_teak/ Still have the Alpine Grain from this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/LeatherClassifieds/comments/8cq5d3/large_scrap_high_end_shoe_leathers_calf_cf_stead/
  10. Yeah that's me...kinda, the quantity I have to buy at once varies but it's usually a "buy the lot" type of proposition so easily talking $5K-$6 and up for a pallet of leather (it's a deal but it can also be a bit of a pig in a poke if I don't know what I'm getting). I've been offered some ostrich and Kangaroo before but not any gator. The thing about buying overruns is that once one buyer starts buying, they're going to take everything that comes through if the quantity is low enough; for example I buy the scrap from a major high end shoe maker by the pound it's an amazing deal, so any time they have pallets of scrap to send, I'll take it whether I need it or not because if they sell to somebody else, then that's it for me (because the other guy will want "first dibs"). I would imagine that this is what happens with gator, if they are selling all the "excess", it's probably to just one or two people, and the quantity is such that they can absorb all of it. Of course that only works with low volume stuff...I recently had to tell my "upholstery scrap" people that I needed to pause on buying anymore for at least a year because it's piling up beyond what I can use at this point.
  11. nstarleather

    Old Clicker Dies for Sale

    More Dies: Really just trying to move the on to a good home. Open to offers. Card Case: $100 for the set: Long Wallet $75 for the set (corners don't match exactly.) Long Wallet With punches $75 for the set (corners don't match exactly.) A couple Bracelets $50 for both. Mystery Braid Bracelets (middle size of square design missing one punch) $200 for all 4. Small Keycase $75 for the set (similar to this item: https://www.nstarleather.com/optimizer/product/124.html) Small Keycase $75 for the set Long Wallet/Checkbook with card slots complete set for $150 Lighter case $50 for the die (no punches) I've also got lots or random dies in all shapes and sizes that I'd let go at a cheap price.
  12. I've got quite a few 3/4" high steel-rule dies I'm not currently using. I'm open to offers on multiples besides the prices I'm listing below: Rivet Wallet: Set $200 for the set. Box case dies $100 Each set. One tall, two shorter, one with snap closure 2 with straps: Last one for now fold over knife case $250 for the set. 2 of each size (one with a punch for snaps the other without):
  13. nstarleather

    Vintage Tandy Kits

    3 of the Harley Moneyclip sets and 2 of the money belt kits
  14. nstarleather

    SB Foot Premium Leathers (AKA Featherstone) $4.50 per foot

    Sounds like a plan! Glad you liked the leathers