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  1. Dun

    Thread learning

    That's good to know! and helps explain why I've been having trouble keeping straight chisel/irons sizing. I don't think I like how the craftool punches through as a chisel so I'm going to give it a try as just mark pricking and keep using the awl
  2. Dun

    Thread learning

    Oooh I thought you talking about the individual machine/computer you were on belonged to someone else. It’s been a long day. Thanks
  3. Dun

    Thread learning

    Johanna’s machine? I don’t know what that it. Also green name? I’m partially colorblind
  4. Dun

    Thread learning

    ahhhh and also dang, that sounds rough on you mods!
  5. Dun

    Thread learning

    I finally just got a 3mm craftool with 2 prongs so I can go around corners, so I need to do a test with this ritza 25 .6 mm and the chengyida 1 mm still. besides I do need more stitching practice!
  6. Dun

    Thread learning

    example- does the first post in that thread intend to just link back to itself?
  7. Dun

    Thread learning

    Yup did that. i wouldn't of copy pasted my own thread's url when trying to link to amazon earlier. pasted link in above box and am now in link text box that time it worked, but that is the same set of actions I did before. It's also not the first time I've clicked on other people's links and the thread just refreshed itself
  8. Dun

    Thread learning

    Thanks! I don't know why but links on this forum seem to just reopen the thread instead go to the amazon page I was trying to reference. I hadn't really payed attention to pre-waxed threads yet, I've just been waxing that chengyida thread myself.
  9. Just found this https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/danse-lente-mini-phoebe-leather-bag/4909760?siteid=0cY_s3CLcRA-l1ZtGHy8tNMLe6HW0t1dNA&utm_source=rakuten&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=0cY/s3CLcRA&utm_content=1&utm_term=593370&utm_channel=affiliate_ret_p&sp_source=rakuten&sp_campaign=0cY/s3CLcRA so yeah, maybe a larger zippered version
  10. Raided the make up remover sponges in the clearance section. Usually make up remover are just a white cube shape but I went fancy I just used the stylus to push a hole through but maybe I can get some carving practice in without my grip cramping up.
  11. Dun


    I looked back on some of your threads and wow you have put some beautiful work out into the world. Sorry to hear you go but please take care of yourself! I'll keep an eye out too for your ebay links -I almost think there should be an arthritis section here on forums that deal so much with hand based work?
  12. The case is 10" long, but that's what keeps them from rattling and it's dishwasher safe so it easy , and if it wasn't easy we wouldn't use them. My wife has been wanting reusable for good person reason but I didn't really think about it until a shabu(soup cooked at your table) place gave us frustratingly short chopsticks to cook with. She has shot down the the shoulder strap for crossbody strap conformt reasons too, sorry. The vertical leather tube, maybe on the outside is what I'm leaning towards or something like ?
  13. Thanks! I was also trying to figure out how to simplify into a single, inside out seams-bag with a divider to create an internal double gusset... but that hasn’t felt simpler yet. I don’t mind all the hand stitching this will need, i’ll Just have to practice parts of it so I don’t waist leather. Still stumped about how to include the chopstick pouch. At first I was thinking horizontally, into the side, in between the two gussets and under the phone pocket. Unfortunetly, even if the side had the room to close up well, the loss of internal space would conflict with the sunglasses case
  14. Dun

    Thread learning

    Thanks, This one? the characteristics are better described on that listing
  15. I might need to alter the design to somehow include a way to carry some reusable chopsticks and straws. Ideas very welcome
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