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  1. Just found this https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/danse-lente-mini-phoebe-leather-bag/4909760?siteid=0cY_s3CLcRA-l1ZtGHy8tNMLe6HW0t1dNA&utm_source=rakuten&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=0cY/s3CLcRA&utm_content=1&utm_term=593370&utm_channel=affiliate_ret_p&sp_source=rakuten&sp_campaign=0cY/s3CLcRA so yeah, maybe a larger zippered version
  2. Raided the make up remover sponges in the clearance section. Usually make up remover are just a white cube shape but I went fancy I just used the stylus to push a hole through but maybe I can get some carving practice in without my grip cramping up.
  3. Dun


    I looked back on some of your threads and wow you have put some beautiful work out into the world. Sorry to hear you go but please take care of yourself! I'll keep an eye out too for your ebay links -I almost think there should be an arthritis section here on forums that deal so much with hand based work?
  4. The case is 10" long, but that's what keeps them from rattling and it's dishwasher safe so it easy , and if it wasn't easy we wouldn't use them. My wife has been wanting reusable for good person reason but I didn't really think about it until a shabu(soup cooked at your table) place gave us frustratingly short chopsticks to cook with. She has shot down the the shoulder strap for crossbody strap conformt reasons too, sorry. The vertical leather tube, maybe on the outside is what I'm leaning towards or something like ?
  5. Thanks! I was also trying to figure out how to simplify into a single, inside out seams-bag with a divider to create an internal double gusset... but that hasn’t felt simpler yet. I don’t mind all the hand stitching this will need, i’ll Just have to practice parts of it so I don’t waist leather. Still stumped about how to include the chopstick pouch. At first I was thinking horizontally, into the side, in between the two gussets and under the phone pocket. Unfortunetly, even if the side had the room to close up well, the loss of internal space would conflict with the sunglasses case
  6. Dun

    Thread learning

    Thanks, This one? the characteristics are better described on that listing
  7. I might need to alter the design to somehow include a way to carry some reusable chopsticks and straws. Ideas very welcome
  8. Dun

    Thread learning

    So I experimented on CHENGYIDA WHITE STRONG WAXED HAND SEWING THREAD and like it, but I don't know enough to know why. "1 Spool 1mm HAND SEWING THREAD (284 Yards)" "Heavy Duty Polyester Braided Thread for Leather and Canvas Sewing etc." Here's a couple projects with it Any idea what are the good qualities of it? So I know what to look for in starting to fine tune my preferences. I would like recommendations for future thread purchases, especially sized for a new 3mm set of pricking irons, but even more so I'd like to learn why I'm enjoying this kind of thread? and how to explain that
  9. Dun

    Sewing suede to veg tan

    You could use a stitching awl to puncture all the way through after using the chisels on the vegtan. Some even hold the stitching awl while stitching and punch each hole as they go. I'm not nearly as consistent enough, so after using pricking irons, I use the awl on each segment and then stitch
  10. I’m a little confused. Are you just making a bag with soft closure flap covering the bag? if so, can you just leave the top flap unlined? 6 oz leather is plenty strong so why even add a glue? If not I’d suggest just glue and stitching the edges, leaving the rest to flex freely without glue in the middle of the bending flap. You might have problems getting a substance like modern glue, that is designed to dry out with air contact and loose it’s liquid state, to last 100 years. Leather is porous, which is why it needs to be kept waxed to keep out moisture. Most belts are glued with the intention of flexing, but not also intended for that kind of duration
  11. Dun

    Laptop and Bridle leather

    I'm not up on the technical side of things, but if I understand it correctly: contact cements work better on roughed up leathers cause it can soak in a bit, the same kind of reuasable/removable sticky substances for plastics may not hold very long at all to leather. Leather glues are kept sealed because ingredients like the acetone will evaporate into the air, leaving behind just the gummy hardening ingredients. Removing pealed off contact cement would take a lot of doing, chemically and physically, and it would never leave the laptop in a like new state. When I have to reglue leather, I usually just sand down to leather and reapply the glue
  12. so .5mm thread, can I ask what was your stitch spacing or pricking iron size? this is beautiful!
  13. @RockyAussie was helping me with design elements and all kinds of questions, but we should make this more public so I’m not the only person learning Thank you rocky and everyone that was helping, had a thread before where it started but can’t seem to load it right now. Anyway, I think this is where we left off A doubled bag design instead of double gusset, allowing for a cell phone slot between two zippered section. And an easier to pattern edge/gusset than what I originally was asking about in the old thread. Lets over engineer this thing! (Or simplify, I’m more ambitious than my current skill level) the plan is to use some @nstarleather black boot grained for the outside and gussets. Haven’t decided on inner walls or if it’s getting a lining yet either measurements are just some guesses from looking at my wife’s current purse
  14. Dun

    First matching set, bag and wallet

    I like the divider in the left side of the wallet, splitting the big pocket. What is the leather weights used (if you have it on hand)?
  15. It would use up more leather, but if you can't get the top and bottom layers to line up post edge finishing- you could design the bottom layer purposely larger, like a hexagon instead of a rectangle?