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  1. pepin1948


    Jeremiah Watt Overstitchers Jeremiah Watt French edgers Douglas Tools French Edgers Vintage Gomph set of French Edgers. Unbeatable, in perfect condition of use. Complete set of edgers by Bob Beard More will belisted in the future. Thanks for looking
  2. pepin1948


    I bought near all my shop in USA importing the best tools that can only can found in your country. You can ask (Paul Long say undeserved words of me) Sandy Morrissey, Bob Beard, Lee Douglas, Wayne Juesche, Barry King, Weaver Leather etc about me. In the listing of ebay will be very clear, as allways, the shipping costs and country of origin.You can buy confidently.You will receive what you buy.No doubts about it.
  3. pepin1948


    Thans so much for your words.Thanks for you friendship and your generous advices. You are a really master. My best for you Pepin PS I send you a PM
  4. pepin1948


    Yes , you are right. I live here in Palma since I was born, on 4th. of July 1948.Is any problem there ?
  5. pepin1948


    Hi Friends Due to serious problems of healt in my eyes, and an strong and continous arthritys i have to close my beloved shop.I will put it in ebay. Is full of the best tools and stamps that I was able to collect trhoug the years .Gomph round knives as Bob Dozier ones, Bob beard and Barry King stamp tools... I hope that my beloved tools will have life in other hands I will link to ebay and hope you will enjoy it
  6. pepin1948

    Clicking Knife

    This bronze holder, houses a very thin blade made of an steel spring (less than 1 mm.) that cuts as a hell and is very flexible to go around the pattern
  7. pepin1948

    Tooled Purse

    Probably, Bob, you are the best in the world...I´m not the only who has this opinion... Congratulations
  8. May you enjoy a blessed and merry Christmas and a pleasant, prosperous New Year.

    My best wishes from Switzerland.

    Mark, the leatherthresher.

  9. pepin1948

    Braiding From Spain...

    Hi , can you give me a contact adress of this man. Thanks for sharing
  10. pepin1948

    Goods Japan

    May be is the same man, but have a look
  11. pepin1948

    Tool Needed

    Jeremiah Watt makes it You can also find an old Gomph on ebay. Usualy they keep good shape
  12. pepin1948

    "Bob Beard Special"

    I´m the happy owner of two mauls with this material. Is terrific. Ed makes a superb handcraft work.Congratulations. Pepin
  13. pepin1948

    New Sheaths

    Very nice and clean work. Great finish. Congratulations
  14. pepin1948

    Bearman Mauls With Stand

    I got two mauls from Ed. They work very well with this new brown material. They are very very beautiful , and very well finished.Impossible to explain if you don have in the hand and feel it. Congratulations. Ed: thank you very much for your knowledge and your good taste. Pepin