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  1. Hi friends, thanks a lot for your kind words to my knifesheath ! The knife was made by my good friend Eddy Halat and his wife Eva Halat did the scrimshaw - both are real artists ! The blade was forged by Puol Strande in Denmark . Hope my knifesheath is the dot of the I to this extraordinary piece of Art ! @ RWP : yes I used the same finish best regards from Germany, Fritz
  2. Hello friends of nice leatherwork, got some pics of a knifesheath I made just in time for Christmas as a surprise to a friend . Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all ! Best regards from Germany, Fritz
  3. Just found your entire gallery. Super clean work! Bravo!

  4. Amazing inspiring work !

    I am happy to find you ,)

    BE WELL .. Griffin

  5. Thanks Doc - I love to share my knowledge with good friends ! regards from Germany, Fritz
  6. Thanks Paul - I am honored by your recognition ! regards, Fritz Thanks to you too "abn" ! regards, Fritz
  7. Hi KB8UVM, there are no dumb questions ! This sheath is especially made for different opportunities to carry the knife and to protect it completely. regards, Fritz
  8. Hi Rayban, thanks ! I used black leather dye and it`s called "Anilin Lederfarbe" here in Germany. The sheath is sealed with "leather care" finish. regards, Fritz
  9. Hi friends of fine leather work, think it`s time to post some images of a new sheath I made ! The sheath is very variable in carrying that "Cold Steel - Master Hunter" and there are no problems with the rubber handle of this knife. I`m looking foreward to your opinions best regards from Germany, Fritz
  10. Hi Romey,

    thanks for asking - all clear here - unfortunately i didn`t have enough time in the last few weeks.

    regards from Germany,


  11. Hope all is well

  12. Hi friends, made some new sheaths and would like to show them: the first i made for a "First Blood" Rambo Knive - a real challenge stitching by hand the second is made of soft buffalo leather lined with 2mm cow hide and braided with goatskin . the third is made of 2mm cow hide covered with black stingray for a nice dagger . I`m looking foreward to your comments - hope you like them . best regards from Germany, Fritz
  13. Hey Arno, very nice work you`ve done - clean stitched and tooled - i like that regards, Fritz
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