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  1. No, when I seen these used before it was set with sample leather peices as a gauge.
  2. Same, just did not know which place it belonged. Only have one for sale
  3. I have a NEW old Stock No. 86 for sale. It has never been mounted or used. It came from a Hardware store that closed in the 60`s and sat on the shelf in the building untill I bought it. I thought I would use it more but never have so here is a chance to get a new machine for much less then new cost. Comes with original vintage box as well $500 Cash and trades concidered.
  4. I have a new old stock Osbourne splitter for sale. I bought it thinking I would be using it more and havent. It is brand new, never been mounted, never seen leather and comes in the original box with original blade which is VERY sharp. It sat in a hardware that was closed in the 60s along with their other stock. This is literally brand new. Asking 500$ and would consider some trading with it. Thanks for looking Romey
  5. Thanks Blake, Thats what I thought too but thought Id ask someone else before I opened my mouth about it.
  6. Anyone know the brand of saddle with this mark on it?
  7. (Myself,High country knives and Chuck Burrows,Wild Rose trading company collaboration) Blade is 8inch, W1 steel with false edge on spine with Chucks hand carved file work. The Handle is Hand carved Rawhide wrapped Elk crown and Brass bolster with a domed silver eagle coin as a end cap inset into the crown. Sheath is rawhide over bark tan with a brain tan cuff with historically correct iron tacks. The partially beaded sheath has a heat hardened bark tan leather liner with a deer rawhide cover and braintan buckskin cuff making for a very tough sheath designed for hard use that has the flavor of the Old West. Other decoration consists of iron tacks in two sizes and a criss cross alum tawed sheepskin wrap on the cuff. The whole package is done in a 1850`s style SW Texas frontier style. This is a tough user piece from chopping kindling to fine delicate skinning and a very nice balance as a fighter and is available for sale now. This is the first collaboration between Chuck and myself - with more to come. Let us know what you think
  8. I meant nothing special on the tiger stripe, just dye. Didnt want to confuse.
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