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  1. Speaking of the badges and painting, does anyone know if there is any source for the same or similar style rivets that were used on these old machines.
  2. Pretty sure now a days the 206 is a better machine overall. Also you may wanna ask about actually being able to use 207 thread. Probably be easier to resell if you needed to as well.
  3. Itll probably be on ebay soon for $3000 or so.
  4. Which is what I said earlier so 3 votes.
  5. Your dealing with oils and wax unlike wood where its just the oils and the thinner will remove the oils from the top and allow you to quickly glue to the top surface of wood. Horween say chromexel for example even if you split the leather there are oils thru out which will prevent good adhesion with glues. It can be done but IMHO you wont get the same adhesion as with regular vegtan. If you were using say sedgwick bridle leather you can split the back off enough to get rid of the oily/waxy layer and it glues like vegtan. Regardless your gonna have to split the back off of it to have a chance of good adhesion.
  6. MADMAX22


    Pretty cool. I think a larger wing nut or a T handle would be better for the tightening but thats just from looking at it. Having that attachment for what I assume is going to the seat seems like it could be adapted so you could have attachments at your work bench/desk/seat. Wrap some leather on the ends and good to go.
  7. Yeah I know, I was talking about wholesale business also. We only had the family business for 20 yrs or so before selling it, us kids moved away and parents were having a hard time finding dependable employees, and wholesalers no longer gave two S**** about little shops anymore.
  8. I remember a time when wholesalers would drive around to business's and setup orders with them over lunch and a couple of beers (if they had time that day). They would deal with concerns on the buyers end and discuss new products and settle on prices and take the order back and fulfill as requested. If the quality wasnt what we thought it should be (like up to a standard) it would be returned with the person delivering the order or we would take it up with the wholesale representative next time they were around. Big house makers return large quantities just like small timers return ones and twos its just a matter of volume. Wickett and craig use to carry all those returns as overstock sales but I think the middle business's (like maverick) have setup deals to take those returns before they get dished out to the public so we little guys dont see those deals anymore. regardless if its a $500 or $5000 order there are standards that are kept buy the big boys or little girls just the same. Both require customer service (or atleast use to) the only difference is the big boys have a dedicated employee(s) whos sole purpose is to deal with supply and the quality/price of the supply.
  9. yeah wish I still knew someone in Georgia that I could pay to pick it up and ship for me. Ahh well.
  10. It seems the art of true bodgery repairs has been lost to the fine engineering of modern times. Such a shame. I guess that is part of growing up in outcast America, ya learn to make repairs and fix things with whats on hand regardless of what a PHD would otherwise say. Hopefully your return process works out for the OP.
  11. Has absolutely nothing to do with "rocket science" its leather working and supply, its not that hard. This is also the mentality that has done away with mom and pop type stores in favor of walmart and amazon. My parents were victims of this changing mentality. Unfortunately it was at the cusp of the internet revolution if you will. Once again the bottom dollar prevails, the 5-15% increase in sales/revenue every quarter. It is what it is and aint gonna change any time soon I guess. Just a good thing all the sewing machine suppliers we buy from dont have this mentality (yet).
  12. 97-10 singer Don't see these pop up much. Too bad its on that coast.
  13. Was going to leave a comment about just seeing watches but now your pictures are up instead of the video, thanks for sharing the pics and showing off the process. Alot of work in that case. Looks good.
  14. Careful weaver is a paying advertiser on the forum
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