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  1. It seems I get different tightness when sewing leather. Some seem to be really tight, some loose and some about right when sewing the same piece. What can I do to solve this problem? when I create a pattern it seems my stitch lines are always to tight or to loose when I mold the holster! It always takes me an extra holster to get it right. I’ve tried several different videos about layout but it never works. Thanks for looking.
  2. For y’all that’s close there are a lot of machines https://www.bidspotter.com/en-us/auction-catalogues/and/catalogue-id-andy-b10001/lot-9f6b864f-d8c2-44b5-b2e9-a98300f0112e
  3. Two machines would be better but if you are just repairing your own “ stuff” and don’t mind 138 thread on the lighter items then you could get by with a cylinder arm machine. Thread thickness adjustments can sometimes be a chore. Changing from 138 to 346 takes time or it does for me. Large tarps or bed roll size tarps?
  4. Thank you for the reply...... I believe I will let this sleeping dog lie and keep looking.
  5. Tell me about this machine, age, are they good machines and are parts still available if needed?
  6. Thanks, I wanted to show it to one of my granddaughter. Excellent work!!
  7. What happened to the picture?
  8. Where can I find this brand of buckles?
  9. I am a newbie to leather as such I have watched damn near every video on holster making that is out there. I agree with JLS, the Andrews videos are the best I have seen for the amount of knowledge Mr. Andrews gives in building the holster and tips and tricks he has learned in this craft. For some reason my patterns come out too small or too large.....lol I guess that is the learning part. Screw up and you get to do it again learning from my mistakes. I would also like to find out how to figure the proportions of the 80/20 holster without wasting a bunch of leather in trial and error. JLS, I have used your patterns as a starting point for the P228-229 and p220 series Sigs and finally have a pattern that fits after a couple of tries. I do appreciate your sharing the patterns.
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