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  1. Thanks for the feedback. After contacting TechSew, I have decided to go with the 2750. I love that they are located in Canada!
  2. Hi all, hoping for some advice on buying a new machine. I make handbags and the consumer machine I have been using is no longer suitable as I have started to use heavier fabrics, faux and real leathers in my bags. While I will probably still use this machine to construct the linings, It is time to purchase an industrial machine. I started off looking at the Pfaff 335, wanting to compare to others, I then looked at Juki (both LS and the DSC Series), and then finally I came across TechSew's website and looked at a number of their machines. The machines that I have been browsing all appeared to have similar specs, and all seem to fulfill my needs (which just makes the decision more confusing for me), I also am unsure if I should buy new or used. What are your thoughts on this? thanks
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