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  1. so im working on the timing for my juki 5550. im having some troubles with it... i watched a great video that explained everything.. I lined up the notch on the needle bar (the bottom line) so its flush with the cover part, right when the hook is about halfway past the needle.. i adjusted the distance from the hook to the needle so the needle is right next to the hook but not touching.. very very close. the machine runs a few stiches but then its skips a bit... also the thread shreds... any ideas?
  2. so i thinnk i need to adjust the spacing.. i watched part of a video on how to do that.. could that be the problem?
  3. so when i took the throat plate off of the machine, i spun the wheel to make the needle go up and down.. i noticed that the needle was rubbing up against the hook. is it supposed to do this? is that normal? if not, how would i adjust that?
  4. as long as its not mold, im not too worried about it.. some of it stuck, but im not sure if that is were the marks were from... have you had anything like this?
  5. so i have piles of chrome tanned leather in my garage... in the past, i had them in my basement and i got some mold so i threw a bunch away.. now that i moved and they are in the garage.. i had some pieces that kinda stuck together cause it gets hot down here. now, im not sure if the color transfered off one onto the other? or if its just mold again? or its just dirt or grimey? i hope it just transfered color, but not sure... when unfolded the leather, it stuck within itsself and i had to somewhat peel it off of itsself, nothing major.. thoughts? ill try to get some pics
  6. i haven't used them, but the pfaff 335 and one of the adlers seems mostly complete.. the other adler could be used for parts if wanted and i have another pfaff as well.. im likely moving at some point so i would like to sell them as a cheap bundle deal... do you live near nj?
  7. both machines? overnight both machines?? i can but it would be very expensive!! where do you live, we can meet up if your close by nj
  8. do you need the machine? i have 2 for sale, for $300 total (one is missing parts)
  9. hey im selling some walking foot cylinder arm machines if you want... check out my post for the 335 and adler 69
  10. hey im selling a pfaff 335 for cheap if you want to use it for parts...
  11. i would be willing to ship, but MUCH prefer for local pickup... i live in north NEW JERSEY
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