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  1. Joshstrange

    bullet loop weight

    What weight leather do you guys use for bullet loops I've seen where some have used 2-3 oz but that seems to light for a rifle round and 7-8 oz seems to be over kill i'm leaning towards 4-5 or 5-6 what are your opinions. Thanks in advance.
  2. Joshstrange

    Black leather dye

    Thanks for the replies. I found a suggestion to mix the resolene with water 50/50 and letting it dry a couple hours and applying more for 2 0r 3 coats so i tried that and it made a world of difference so glad i can go back to using black dye. Thanks for all your help.
  3. Joshstrange

    Black leather dye

    Handstitched thank you for your help but you are right the freight is 40 bucks to the US so not really a great option. Mattsbagger I may try that i just switched to using only Herman oak I havent been impressed with tandy leather I just have a little left of the tandy stuff so ill either stop using black dye or get some of that deglazer. Thanks for the advise.
  4. Joshstrange

    Black leather dye

    I'm sure this has been covered but nothing is working for me it concerns leaching dye black in particular. I use fiebings alcohol based dye on veg tanned leather from tandy mostly. I have tried the resolene many times but I can still rub dye out until it leaves natural colored leather spots, it just wont stop and I am getting frustrated. Am I using to much dye does the leather I'm using just suck that bad. What advise do you fine folks have for me. Thank you.
  5. Joshstrange

    leather thickness

    I recently switched from tandy as a supplier for leather to a Herman oak supplier. I need knife sheath leather and am curious if I want to get 7/8 or 8/9 oz I do small to medium sized 6-9 inch overall and a variety of sheath styles ( scout, dangler pancake etc.) the stuff I've been buying is a double shoulder in 7-9 oz and it has worked well but i'm not sure what oz exactly I've been using due to the large range there. so what are your suggestions
  6. Joshstrange

    sizing tooling patterns

    I figured it was for the front pocket carry. I made a holster for myself and used 6-7 oz because i didn't want to wait 2 days for the heavier stuff to get in and it was just a small "purse gun" anyways. It works just fine, I have carried it every day for about a year and it still has good retention, it just looks like its 10 years old, granted i'm not easy on it either. If that's what the guy wants that's what he will get. The thicker leather just seems to hold up better to abuse.
  7. Joshstrange

    It's the flashlights fault!

    That's how I got started. this time. I was sick of cheap store wallets so i bought the minimal stuff to make a wallet and now several thousand later and a lot of lessons learned I have started to sell stuff. I originally got started because I was sick of my cheap nylon knife sheath so I bought a 4 in 1 awl some leather and dye and made one, that was 10 years ago. those sheaths were primitive at best and I quit doing leather work for about 9.5 years and am just getting back into it. The good news is as long as you learn from your mistakes it only gets better.
  8. Joshstrange

    Hello from Georgia

    for wallets I use 4-6 oz leather for the outside and 2-3 oz for the interior for knife sheaths I almost always use 6-7 oz but will sometimes use 4-6 and holsters and belts 9-10 oz. I order from tandy and springfield. I don't make purses (which really makes my wife unhappy) but if I did the thickness of the leather would depend on how stiff or floppy the customer wanted it to be. you will learn all this with time and asking questions here, there is a wealth of knowledge that is for sure.
  9. Joshstrange

    sizing tooling patterns

    That came out very nice is there a reason that you used such light leather. I have used 4-6 oz leather to make holsters but they seem to wear quicker and not look as good than a 9-10 oz. holster, but I have never made an in the pocket holster just out side the waistband pancake style holsters.
  10. Joshstrange

    wet form suede

    Quick question I am making some pouches that are used in the manufacture of re curve bows, I think they will be used to test the strength of the bow. I am going to make them out of veg tanned leather and wet mold it and I wanted to put some soft suede on the inside to protect the finish of the bow. can I glue suede in sew it all together and still wet form it with out ruining the suede. Once the pouch is sewn and molded it would be impossible to put the suede in. Thanks.
  11. Joshstrange

    sizing tooling patterns

    Thanks for the reply's. I sat down in front of inkscape and i think I figured it out for the current project it did take 6 hours but got it done. someday I may try one of the non free programs but right now my secretary AKA the wife wont let me spend anymore money on this hobby. I'm glad this forum exists, so much info. thanks again.
  12. Joshstrange

    sizing tooling patterns

    I never thought of that I will try that
  13. Joshstrange

    sizing tooling patterns

    I would like to start off saying that i am not an artist with pencil and paper. I cannot draw to save my life. So for a lot of my tooling patterns I rely on printing them off the internet and using tracing film to transfer to leather. The problem that I am running into is that I can resize the image in Microsoft paint to make it fit on my template but it takes several try's as you cant see what size it will be until it comes out of the printer, or at least I don't know how i'm not really a tech person. is there a program that I can scan my template into, size the image to the space I have to work with and print it out and it will print the template that is the same size as my acrylic template and the image will be ready to transfer over to the leather with tracing film. I have heard of Inkscape and have played with it a little, it's a little overwhelming. I was curious if anybody else has done this and can tell me how they do it or point me in the direction of a tutorial. Thanks guys and gals for your help.
  14. Joshstrange

    dye hard leather

    I was given a side of thick veg tanned leather it is extremely hard and thick maybe 10-13oz. its just for practicing as I am new to leather work I cut a piece off of it and oiled it with neetsfoot oil and it became nice and supple but did not tool well even after I soaked in water. My question is what process should I use for dyeing and tooling it. Should I just soak it with water do my tooling and dyeing and then oil it, or is some leather just to hard for any tooling and i should just dye it then oil it. will it accept dye better if its wet? Thanks for any input.