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  1. Awesome! What size tap/ thread did you use the for the punches? Are they the osborne rotary punches?
  2. Thanks guys, I will give Consew a call and see if they can direct me to the closest dealer to me. Really appreciate all the help!
  3. Do you know where I could get OEM or generic parts for the Consew 277RFS? Or what the cylinder arm is based on / compatible with? Thank you, Sam
  4. Hey Uwe, That is a good idea. I think I will give that a shot. Thanks!
  5. Hey Guys, I'm looking for info on the compatibility of Consew 277RFS cylinder arm parts. As far as needle plate, feed dogs, binding plate attachment etc. I understand that all parts are the same as the Seiko LSC 8, but after some searching I cant seem to find what the cylinder arm is based on. It seems very similar to both the Pfaff 335 as well as the Juki 246. Specifically interested in being able to use specialized needle plates, as well as binder attachments for Pfaff 335 on the Consew 277. Such as the attached images available from Kwokhing. I have emailed them asking about compatibility, but have not received a reply. Any information on what the 277 cylinder arm is based on / interchangeable with would be very much appreciated. I have also attached a pic of the badge of of the Consew. Thank you! -Sam
  6. Hey Guys, I'm on the hunt for a German made Pfaff 335. I am based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I would drive a few hours for pick up or would pay for shipping costs. Thanks! -Sam
  7. tech sew has this posted as refurbished- http://www.techsew.com/machinery/cutting-skiving-machines/techsew-2020p-bench-top-portable-leather-strap-cutting-machine-used-refurbished.html hope it helps -Sam
  8. Hey Brian, I think one of these reinforcement options may suit your needs. Possibly the reinforcement GEL, or reinforcement foam http://www.mando.fr/43-renfort Not sure if you need a log in to view it, if so let me know and i can post a screenshot. -Sam
  9. Nuttish- Thank you for taking the time to write that up. Really awesome. I will report back when I am able to get the supplies you cited and have the time to get everything set up correctly. Thanks again. -Sam
  10. Nuttish- Really like your setup! Are you using the AP style wheels from Campbell? If so where did you find the proper bushing setup? Having a hard time sourcing them for my motor. My arbor is 5/8" and CR's site says that the bore diameter for their wheels is 20mm. I Am looking into getting a bushing setup machined out for me but would prefer to buy something pre-fabbed if possible.
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