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  1. Hi Rob2613, I’ve only had the machine a few months now, but it has been great. I have had it easily punch through 6mm of veg tan and certain it’s capable of more (you have likely seen related YouTube videos. I have also run it effortlessly through multiple layers of dense nylon webbing. Two things I did which were simple but really helpful were to swap the needle plate and feed dog for “non-binding” work. These are parts 17089a and 17565. Links below for parts list. The original binding plate, feed dog and feet left marks on leather. If your materials won’t take a mark, like nylon webbing, this might not be a problem. I purchased the parts from kwokhing .com in Hong Kong along with some additional feet for different purposes. Second thing I did was to tap two holes on the back of the machine and mount a.suspended edge guide. Also bought at kwokhing, but they are easily available everywhere. http://www.seiko-sewing.co.jp/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/PARTS_LSC-8B-1_8BL-1_8BV-1_1.pdf http://www.seiko-sewing.co.jp/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/PARTS_LSC-8B-1_8BL-1_8BV-1_2.pdf And manual http://www.supsew.com/download/Seiko/Seiko LSC Instruction Manual.pdf happy to answer any other questions. Good luck
  2. Great spot! I don’t mind the arm cover plate moving around too much it’s my current needle plate that is chewing up the leather. If the 8blh plate works, that will be a very simple solution. Thanks again so much.
  3. Many thanks for the quick reply and pic. It appears that the lsc-8b uses an oscillating feed mechanism while the lsc-8bv has the feed arm beneath the plate moving horizontally. There is also a screw protruding from the feed arm that moves the plate back and forth (through a hole in the plate) and connects the arm to the feed shaft. You can see it in the pic. I’m a little worried that may get in the way of the new cover plate. All that said, I think your guidance is the way to go. I’ll certainly need these parts no matter what and maybe I’ll get lucky. Many thanks again!
  4. I just picked up a nice used seiko lsc-8bv in Bangkok. Great place for cheap used machines! Its a binding cylinder bed (I believe it is the same machine as the consew 277) and I’d like to convert it to a standard machine - something akin to the seiko lsc-8b. Leather keeps catching on the binder needle plate. Can I just swap the needle plate for the non-binding type plate? It seems I can’t as the feed dog mechanism appears to be completely different. I’d be grateful for any guidance anyone might have on this type of conversion. Thanks!
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