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  1. ColettePurity

    Making straps for shoes

    I use a magnetic edge guide from Less than $7. Best investment ever!
  2. ColettePurity

    Hello from Vietnam

    Nice work. I am half Viet
  3. ColettePurity

    rifle sling

    really nice
  4. ColettePurity

    sedgwick aussie nut brown belt

  5. ColettePurity

    Backing and lining of python for belt

    Appreciate the feedback, @MADMAX22. I haven't gone back to try it again and will use all of the advice.
  6. ColettePurity

    Ostrich Purse and Matching Wallet

    gorgeous work!
  7. ColettePurity

    Snakeskin Dye

    Glad I found your answer to the question as I have searched this site for hours and not a precise suggestion found until now. Thank you Tina.
  8. ColettePurity

    ISO hand cranked or motorized strap cutter.

    Thank you, Sam. It does : )
  9. ColettePurity

    Backing and lining of python for belt

    Thank you, Boriqua and JLSleather!
  10. ColettePurity

    Vintage Belt Clicker Press (Electric) For Sale

    I am interested in this machine. could you please message me the price info, etc. everything I would want to know. Thank you. Colette
  11. ColettePurity

    Weaver strap cutting machine

    I am interested in your strap cutter, please let me know if it is for sale and price. Thank you.
  12. Hi, I am in search of a used small strap cutter that can be hand cranked or motorized. Please reply here or send me an email, much appreciation!
  13. I want to make a belt from python and/or snakeskin. How many ounces should the lining be? Should i also back the python with a thin piece of leather? I normally back it linen however have noticed that other leatherworkers projects looks as though they have padding between the two pieces, the exotic and veg-tan. Thanks.
  14. ColettePurity


    what did you use for the lining and how many ounces? Thanks!