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  1. SheltathaLore

    Caster wheels for machines

    Oh nice, I really like those flip down workbench casters. Saves me the trouble of moving the pedal mount, for one. As for the table, I'm sure I can rig up *something* to get them to bolt on - I was more interested in the general specs to look for. Honestly though, since I doubt that a table with machine is likely to weigh more than 250 lbs, heavy duty industrial casters would be neat but probably aren't critical. A loaded workbench surely weighs that much or more. Any caster that isn't obviously dinky should surely be rated for at least 60 pounds, right? I do intend for the machines to live on a hard surface, but plans can always change, so I agree that it would be handy to have casters that can cope with carpet.
  2. SheltathaLore

    Caster wheels for machines

    Aha, the "tubing" is rigid and provides an offset so that the pedal ends up in the right place. I was thinking it involved flexible tubing, which was clearly not going to be helpful.
  3. SheltathaLore

    Caster wheels for machines

    I understand the problem you're describing, but I just can't visualize your solution. Do you happen to have a picture of how the blocks or tubing would solve it?
  4. SheltathaLore

    Caster wheels for machines

    My floors aren't super smooth, but locking is a nice feature to have regardless.
  5. SheltathaLore

    Caster wheels for machines

    For those of you who like to roll your machines around, do you have a favorite brand/style of casters? I'm really tired of not being able to rearrange my shop on my own, so it might be time to slap wheels on everything.
  6. After remaking the dress, I won Best Craftsmanship at a tiny con over the summer, and more excitingly, at a medium-sized con in October. I am immensely proud of myself, and I'm definitely planning to show it off at some bigger cons next year!
  7. Bill Shanor is absolutely wonderful, and I'm honored that I was able to sneak in a class right before he retired. Non-lasted shoes will certainly do the job with much less time investment, but they're really better suited to moccasins and flat boots - so I'm super happy about adding this to my toolkit. :D
  8. I decided to buy a new clone from Gregg. I've been keeping an eye on ebay and craigslist and the forums here for quite a while now, hoping for one of the old Singers, but very few machines surfaced that would actually save me money over buying a new one, and of course I'd always be taking a risk on an ebay machine being completely worn out or getting broken in shipping. I can't wait for it to get here!
  9. SheltathaLore

    Modern high performance threads

    Interesting - the stiffness/springiness of bonded nylon has frustrated me a lot when I attempt to sew with it on some machines, so if bonded polyester is a solid alternative, I might have to stock up on some. The bonus is that Serafil has tons of colors, plus a color card that I intend to squirrel away in my swatchbook stash.
  10. They don't have anything in stock, sadly.
  11. Wiz: I specifically want a roller foot for this, but I will keep that model in mind if I find myself in need of a post bed. The original singers are pretty awesome, but unfortunately, it's hard to tell if a random machine on the internet is a boat anchor that was run 80 hours a week for 50 years in a factory - so I'm probably going to stick to the new clones.
  12. Probably kidskin, kangaroo, etc. I have a cylinder bed walking foot I can use for heavier materials.
  13. Looks like my options are, in order of cost: - Singer 51 clone, bottom feed (Artisan 5110, Cobra 5110, etc) - ???? clone, bottom and driven roller feed (Artisan 4618, Highlead 24618, etc) - Pfaff 591 clone, bottom and driven roller feed (Cobra 8110, Cowboy 8810, etc) The 4618 machines are several hundred dollars less expensive, on average, than the 591 clones - which is appealing, but since you generally get what you pay for, I'm wondering if I'm overlooking something. Do any of you have an opinion?
  14. SheltathaLore

    Microbevel for skiving knife?

    I have these knives and love them to bits and pieces; I switch back and forth pretty freely between push skiving and pull skiving, depending on the angle and positioning. The only problem is that I can't really use any sort of existing jig because they're double-sided and angled (on the other hand, if they *weren't* double-sided, I'd need separate knives for push and pull), and I'm always concerned that I've got the angle wrong and am messing up the knives when I sharpen. Oh well. I put a microbevel on mine to hopefully speed up the sharpening process, but I am the opposite of an expert when it comes to sharpening, so my opinion probably shouldn't count for much.
  15. SheltathaLore

    SInger 95K51 finally with reducer and...WOW

    I would also love more details on your setup! Hard to believe you can run that machine with such a bitty motor, but I guess technology marches on.