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  1. Sinpac, sent you a message also. Would love a pattern if you could spare another.
  2. AusSimon, You might try an upholstery shop. We use a product called Skrim. It comes in 1/4, 1/2 and 1 inch thicknesses. Also 3 different compressions. The thing about Skrim is that there is a netting or mesh that is laminated to the back side which is meant to hold a stitch and slide under the foot of the sewing machine. I do know that my wife uses it at home with her sewing machine without any problems. Yet, you will have to pull and, or assist the material and foam in because of the thickness. It's not that the machine won't stitch it. It is the fact that you need to help it through. Do not change the tension on the thread but, loosen the foot pressure slightly. It is a good idea that you look for a used machine. Consew 206 series machines are great and you can usually find one for a few hundred dollars. Good luck...
  3. Did you get your problem taken care of? There are products available for what you are doing. If you would like more info let me know. Hate beating a dead horse if you got it figured out.
  4. UPDATE: CS Osborne emailed me and they were willing to pick up the knife for evaluation, at their expense. It was such a small repair that I just did it myself. Was nice to see a company that large would still be open and contact me. Kudos to them. I will still use and buy their tools. Just because of one problem doesn't make the product bad.
  5. Yeah, but will he say anything? LOL! It's ok, just information for the members. Thanks all....
  6. I did. Let's see what they say. I'll keep all updated.
  7. Good Luck. Looks super dried out. Might have to put a stitch on each side of the tear also
  8. OK, so I purchased a new head knife from an online retailer for C.S.Osborne. Literally the first chance to try it out, while stropping the handle came off in my hand. Contacted the retailer and no warranty. 30 days is all. Yes, I have had the knife for 8 months but never even took it out of the wrapper. My bad I guess for really not doing a complete inspection. Just wanted to inform members to look at what the are buying and inspect. Do not want anyone to spend money on inferior products. I am sure I can fix it, yet. I am sure the steel is quality, I have a lot of other tools from Osborne and never have had a problem.
  9. I am looking for a stamping font for a set of Rodeo Queen Chaps. Similar to this pic. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. You can still thin as needed. Pour in glue pot and mix. How much glue do you go thru?
  11. You could use the C S Osborne tool #230......
  12. You can buy contact cement thinner at your hardware store. It will say for contact cements. ACE or True Value. I use Naptha myself. You don't want to thin to much tho it gets chalky..
  13. Not sure if your gonna get enough lift on the feet of your 145 to accommodate 1/2" thick leather. Amazon has the motors also...
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