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  1. Hey all. I just wanted update you all with what has turned out to be a HUGE success for me to develop templates. Someone here mentioned having them cut out of Acrylic. Which is exactly what I did. There was a CO2 lazer cutting place down the road from me and I had this template done for under $100 (size cutting bed is 600 x 900mm). All it took was a few youtube videos and access to my friends Adobe Illustrator to make this template into an AI life. I used 5mm acrilic, however I think 3mm would have been better in some ways and I definitely cut some of the outer lines (the sewing line) a little too long, so the plastic bends a bit when I cut on that edge. Also the 5mm thickness means i need a long tool to scratch the marks through my hole punch does not fit through to the bottom of the holes either. Lessons learned, my next template should be perfect.
  2. Hey Guys, Thank you so much for your responses. Yeah I was thinking more along the lines of something i can use as a guide to cut directly against. I just did a quick search and found a place near me that can cut up to half inch Acrylic for like the cost of nothing. So think I will do that. it appears they can also work with Adobe Illustrator files so will draw up my templates with that. I think I'll also give the Ikea cutting mats a go for more temp stuff. Cheers, Simon
  3. Hi All, Sorry if this is not the right place to post this. I just wanted to know what everyone uses when they have an item that they will be making over and over again. Like a template for repeat use? Do you use plastic? If so how thick and how do you cut it? Is it possible to have them printed from a digital drawing? Cheers, Simon
  4. Agree, top loading bobbins is all i have ever use.
  5. Hey guys, Thank you so much for your advice, I was actually using skrim foam. I agree it is the perfect foam. I actually ended up picking up an old Consew 226R-1. it goes threw the foam and leather without skipping a beat. I know now I was just asking too much of a home use machine.
  6. @mikesc Hacksaw blades!!!! that is simply genius. Next you are going to tell me wrist slappers make good zippers or something . Would love to see a pick of how you integrated that. @Obeliske He is referring to using two of these: https://www.homedepot.com/p/DEWALT-12-in-24-TPI-Bi-Metal-Hacksaw-Blade-2-Pack-DWHT20552/205049944 With the sharp side ground off, sewn into the top of the bag to make like... a bendy, spring back opening. I imagine they come in different thicknesses to make them more or less bendy.
  7. Thanks Gregg, I am ever so happy with it. For the light leather work i am doing it just goes through like butter, and consistently. I tried to DYI a speed reducer today from parts i found in the sewing shop, but failed. I feel the $150+ dollars people are asking for 2 wheels (worth maybe $20) and a bracket is a bit rich.
  8. Hey guys. So I ended up going with the 226R-1, it is OLD but it pretty great shape considering. I picked it up for $700 CAD in the end and it came with 6 months of repairs included. I got a 3/4hp KOBE servo motor and a shorter belt to suit for another $200 and i am off to the races. Absolutely loving it!!! I liked the 206 much more, it was WAY newer and the bobbin much bigger, but the seller would not budge from $1100 and it didn't have a servo motor yet either. Thank you everyone for all your help and advice. i truly appreciate it. Cheers, Simon
  9. Hey @JJN thanks very much for the reply. Good point on the servo motor. That would be a deal maker. I will have to ask the guys in the store, I know the other one does not have it, but the store may be able to throw it in pretty cheep. Also, sorry I should have stated, those prices are in CAD. So $680 and $825 in USD. I was aware of the differing bobbin size, though its a factor it's a very small one for me, i only do small jobs.
  10. Hey All, After spending a few days looking for a home use hobby machine i have come across these two machines for sale in my area. 226R-1 is from a shop and $900 cad + tax (come with a 1 year warrantee) 206RB-3 is from someone who just used it at home and looking at $1100 no tax. I feel like these are both ok deals considering the limited number of good machines. Any thoughts on which is a better buy?
  11. Hey @Konapaniolo unfortunately not. I have been lucky to find a leather school near me that is willing to let me borrow there machine for a few hours. I am on a crazy hunt for a used machine now that can handle this type of work.
  12. @mikesc thank you that was good advice. @kgg that is a very good point, I did have a lot of success with the 4411 on think leathers and only really plan on using at most 2 layers of 4oz for 95% of projects. I did test out a portable walking foot today actually and I think it was a Barra. But it scorched huge marks in the top of the leather. No idea how to prevent that. I will look into the Juki you mentioned, i was previously looking at used 1541 and the RB206 that I mentioned. Will these be overkill for what I am doing? Space and budget are both a concern for a hobbiest like myself.
  13. Hi Sturme, thank you for weighing in, but honestly I am just kind of over trying to make the machine do something it probably cant
  14. hey guys, Just wanted to give you an update. I tried absolutely everything, paper on the bottom, titanium larger needles (the largest on my machine) lower the presser foot tension, teflot foot, walking foot, small holed foot, thinner thread on the bottom and top. It appears this machine is just not built to deal with such a situation. Which is completly understandable. But i just want to thank you both again for your advice and help. I greatly appreciate it. I am going to start scouring the internet (in Canada) for a used machine, see what I can come up with over the next week or so without breaking the bank too much. I have spotted a Consew 206RB-3 for $1000... any thoughts on if it is worth that money? I don't see many around for sale. Cheers, Simon
  15. Hi Mike, Thank you so much for your in depth response. I truly appreciate it. This has really helped me understand how the sewing process works. I will try a combination of all those things and let you know how I go. The foam that I am using is backed with fabric, should this not do the job of the paper? And yeah, its not the best machine ever thats for sure. however I was just really surprised that it could sew the leather so nicely but then everything fell apart when I added some foam.
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