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  1. thank you kgg, it was the bobbin tension....tightening the bobbin tension seems to have fixed the problem
  2. Hi...I am having some problems with the thread. I start sewing and things a great, stitching looks good. When I stop, move on to another piece the thread bunches the underside of the leather. When i pulled the thread out from the leather is was the bobbin thread that was bunching. I also noticed that the thread is bunching under the throat plate and feed dogs. Would appreciate thoughts or suggestions on what is going wrong and how to fix this. My machine is a pfaff 145 H3
  3. It's good to go...I have already sewn a 1/2 of leather. My machine uses system 190 needles and has 14mm presser foot clearance
  4. Thank you for the replies, I will contact Bob at Toledo Sewing and see what he recommends. I have been reading about the Sewquiet 6000sm. Does anyone have experience with these motors
  5. hey folks, I have looked at most of the treads on servo motors, most thread are a few years old. Just wondering what people are currently recommending for servo motors. I am looking for good torque at lower speeds for thicker leather. I will be sewing layers 1/2 thick, but will also need to sew thinner leather. Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated. thanks
  6. hi, newbie here with a basic question on adjustments. I recently purchased a pfaff 145 that came with a came with a piping foot and setup for system 190 needles. I purchased a zipper foot for a pfaff 145 h3 to work on a project that requires a large zipper but the foot is a few mm to high to move the fabric. Do I need to purchase a zipper foot that works with pfaff 145 h3 machines setup for system 190 needles or is there an adjustment to lower the inside and outside presser feet? thank you
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