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  1. I've been using 5mm and even 6mm chisels with 5oz (2mm) leather on a daily basis for years now. Not sure why everyone is knocking it. Spacing and thread size is the maker's decision for the look they want to achieve with a given product.
  2. Nice carving and use of a stoic quote.
  3. I got a decent deal which included freight. Timing sucked since Techsew sold out and it took almost a month to get delivered from Canada. Transaction was smooth and the company is legit. The owner might be a bit rough around the edges but he took care of me. Machine is well built and has lots of bells & whistles. I would definitely recommend getting a speed reducer as the minimum start up speed was a bit quick for my taste. I ended up ordering the pulley and belts and installed it myself. Chose a cylinder arm in case I start making bags in the near future but have been using it lately to sew leather patches on hats. Theres a learning curve for dialing in the correct tension and since I work mostly with veg tan leather, I also clipped the presser foot tension spring to decrease the track marks. That being said, it doesn’t get as much use at the moment as I thought since most of my orders are for hand sewn items.
  4. I was in the market for a steel rule die and searched online -- preferably for a local shop in NJ. After contacting 3 companies for quotes, 2 responded and one had the better price. I sent out my emails in the evening and by next morning, Eric from http://ruleonedies.com was the first to respond. He quoted me a good price, paid via paypal and was surprised to get an email the next day that it was shipped out. So, it took just 2 days from emailing a design to receiving my finished die. That's some insanely fast turn-around time. I ordered the steel rule in a clear base. I printed my Adobe Illustrator file onto paper and clicked over it with the die -- exact match! The die is sharp but I need two passes on my Weaver Might Wonder press to get the full knock-out due to the size. So, in summary: http://ruleonedies.com - good communication - good prices - very fast turn-around time
  5. No problem. If the time comes and you need to upgrade to a machine, or if you're in the NJ area, you can come by my shop and I can show you how some tips and tricks for sewing fur. Nick
  6. I have a few extra Bonis machines for sewing fur complete with table if you’re interested. They were the most popular models in the fur district in NY
  7. I have a spare Bonis Never-Stop machine (complete with table) that I don't use. I may also have a few a spare heads as well. If you're willing to make a trip to NJ you'll save quite a bit of $$ Edit: just noticed that you're in Vancouver Island. Never shipped an item this big before so I don't have any clue about that. Nick
  8. A friend asked me to make him a custom shield for his helmet so I made the pattern from his existing, generic issued shield. Pretty simple and straightforward.
  9. Wiz, Before I called them, I added the sewing machine to the cart and next link took me to an encrypted page for the form. It has the https: prefix along with the lock icon on a url for www.sewingandvac.com Nikos
  10. Since I’m in NJ, I decided to give them a call as I’m in the market for a Techsew 2750 Pro. Spoke to a gentleman on the phone (forgot his first name), he gave me a nice deal with shipping and I went ahead with the order. Due to the holidays, I should get the machine after New Years. They have a physical warehouse in North Jersey and had the option to pick it up to save on shipping. Overall, it was a smooth transaction — I didn’t get any negative vibes and he was knowledgeable in the field of industrial sewing machines. Once I get the machine. I’ll update my overall experience with them.
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