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  1. Nikos, what sort of masking tape do you use? I've tried vinyl transfer paper (this is actually made of paper not vinyl, it's used for vinyl transferring hence the name), two different types of masking tape, and the adhesive paper that goes in the bottom of drawers and shelves, and I can't find any that will adhere well enough to survive the engraving process in good enough condition for airbrushing afterwards. Can you share any advice on this issue?
  2. This looks perfect! Thank you SO much for this, it will definitely do what I had in mind and I didnt know about these.
  3. I've seen some leather products at Ren Faires recently that have a hammered metal texture to them. Its obvious this is accomplished with irregular tooling, but its just SO well done I imagine there must be some trick to it. As best I can figure out, the artisan must have used six or so different, irregularly shaped stamps. The leather was probably very heavily cased to get those raised ridges, then perhaps antiqued with a paste and then a silver dry brush was applied on top. I'm not sure, though, and I'd love to hear what you all think. How do you think a texture like this could be best achieved? Example leather gauntlets from Benchmark Leatherworks.
  4. I bought a two quart bottle of Gum Tragacanth a few years back. It definitely goes bad after a while. It will have the consistency of water instead of a thick gummy consistency, and it turns yellowish instead of white. It makes it much harder to apply to the edges and control where it goes, and it also greatly reduces how effective it is because it doesnt generate as much friction heat when burnishing. I threw it away half-full yesterday and bought a new smaller bottle. Gum T is definitely a product I will purchase in smaller portions at a time henceforth.
  5. I've had my own stamps made via 3D printing. I had my doubts that the hard plastics (PLA or ABS) would stand up to hammering or leave a clean impression, but I decided it was worth a shot. Obviously this requires some existing knowledge of 3D modeling, some time spent learning, or paying a 3D modeler for some freelance work. I made my design in Google Sketchup, a free and simple program, exported it as an .stl file, and sent it to http://shapeways.com I got the design printed in ABS plastic for around $4 a stamp head, put them on my hefty hand from Springfield Leather Company, and I've had no troubles with them at all. They leave a clean impression, and work well.
  6. I have no idea what thats all really worth, but I'm interested in acquiring it. Is the leather veg tanned? I don't really know a lot about the different types of leather, so if you could give me some details on it that would help out my own lack of knowledge. I'm trying to get into leatherworking now, so I'd like to buy it off of you. I know you put a lot more than this into it, but the most I can offer is $70. Let me know if you decide to sell it to me. Thanks.
  7. Another month until I can finally dive in to leatherworking. :D

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    2. Neillo


      Oh and to make the "wings" fold over each other, you can skive them thinner so they meet in a scarf joint; then you can glue and do a couple of lines of stitching.

      Should hold pretty well, when you start constructing it you'll figure out how the materials behave pretty quickly; be sure to practice on some scrap with your sewing and gluing etc!

    3. mchaney2003


      Wow, I hadn't thought of skiving them. And sewing it that way... Man, that's brilliant.

      Thanks so much for the advice! I'm going to go alter my plans right now ha ha

    4. Neillo


      Not a problem, good luck with the design!

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