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  1. Hi Johanna....because you are flagging the European leather workers trade show October 20 - I thought you may be able to direct me to a source of ' good tools' in Europe (NOT uk)+++ leather suppliers....sorry for the intrusion and also TIA.

    1. Johanna


      Will you be at the show? You're better off asking on the forum. The folks here can point you to the best local suppliers if you tell them what specifically you are looking for.


  2. U must be in Ireland?(like myself -i've just joined here) I haven't bought a single item yet for leather work but I've been researching....this website might have what u need.https://leatherproject.eu/collections/hardware-for-bags-1?utm_source=utm_source&utm_medium=utm_medium&utm_campaign=utm_campaign&utm_term=utm_term&gclid=Cj0KCQjwgLOiBhC7ARIsAIeetVAPnm2OdLPcpXc_J_AR1_nMI4qtwc770ZtxORFAITXOGlemoxKTSj0aAotTEALw_wcB
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