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  1. AMTAN and Orion Calf Proudly Announce: Private Hand-Dyeing Workshop $2500 / Person | April 5th and 6th Class limited to 20 people - sign up here: https://amtan.myshopify.com/products/1-seat-in-the-amtan-orion-hand-dyeing-workshop
  2. Check out ORIONCALF.COM - Annonay french calf and European baby calf hides ship from USA.


  3. Orion Calf Ltd. sells genuine French calf (3-3 1/2 oz) and European baby calf (2 - 2 1/2 oz), chrome tanned aniline, ships from USA. If you want a consistent high quality product as used by top fashion brands, this is the real deal.
  4. See huberhoods.com, a maker of dutch hoods. There are also inexpensive falconry hoods listed on ebay ($20-$30). Like lasts for shoes, there are forms for making hoods to fit various size birds (many sizes and a few makers of these forms, eg. Tait, Rollins, Slijpers Cannon, each with it's own sizing guidelines for various species) as the hood needs to fit the falcon properly over eyes, beak, etc. A search of 'falconry supplies' is a good place to start.
  5. http://doublekleather.com/ carries an extensive line of leathers and products for leather crafters, out of St. Charles, MO. Someone recently told me Kevin is called 'the king of veg'.
  6. Nice work, the fiber structure of goat hides is quite dense and makes leather with excellent tear strength, may be a little harder to work vs similar thickness cowhide, items should hold up very well!
  7. OrionCalf.com milled French calf leather might be an option for you. Natural milled (not printed) leathers will have some variation in 'pebble' in different areas of the hide, it's very soft and has a great handfeel.
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