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  1. Hi all, I changed the needle to a tri point and the stitch holes have improved. I think the rogue stitch was because I was lifting the needle at the corner to get into the right spot. Many thanks
  2. Piping has not been requested. I will check out the needle options you all mention and report back. I see that a standard point needle is also ok for leather as long as its a bigger size
  3. The ticket number is 25 Tex number 120 not sure about the V number. Thanks for the link
  4. Thank you, I will try both. I am also getting a rogue stitch on the inside corner and not sure why. I have attached a couple of pictures, the seam stitch showing the leather underneath the colour and the rogue inside corner stitch Any help is much appreciated. Many thanks
  5. Hi, I have a problem with top stitching leather around corners where by the leather seems to have a slight tare so the leather shows through the colour, I think its the needle point shape causing it but not sure. I was wondering if anyone could advise on a better needle shape to use. I am currently using Schmetz 37:20AX1 nm:130 Size 21. 135x16RTW. DPx16 LR Many thanks
  6. Hi, I have an industrial Brother LS2-B837 which sews good but only if the top tension is very high. The bobbin tension very smooth and not tight at all and even if I slacken the bottom tension more it makes no difference. If the top tension is slackened to a reasonable amount, the thread knot shows on the underside. Hook timing is good. Other machines I have used don't need to be anywhere near as tight to make a good stitch. I wondered if anyone has come across this before and found a solution please? Many thanks
  7. Hi, sounds like a silly suggestion but is the needle scarf facing the hook?
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