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  1. Thanks for your input everyone, much appreciated
  2. Hi, does anyone know what size drill and tap would be used for a Brother B837. I want to fit a binder attachment to the bobbin plate, some holes already in the bed seem to be the same thread as the presser foot screw but I can find the info. Many thanks
  3. Nice one fibersport such a simple thing causing so much grief. My machine is a large bobbin top loader but the cover plate is flat, no bumps. I am waiting for a new timing belt because it looks like it might be the original and has a bit of slop in it, I'm hoping this will help. The machine is not stitching too bad now but still has to have a lot of upper tension and very little in the bobbin.
  4. The base of my Brother B837 looks a bit different to the 211g156 but there must be something similar to adjust but cant see which bit Thanks everyone
  5. Thanks Quade, I have adjusted the reverse lever stop to make a bigger stitch but this doesn't make any difference. Still not the same as forward. I still cant find the adjustment to equalise forward and reverse stitch length
  6. Hi, My Brother LS2-B837 won't reverse into the same holes, the reverse stitch is smaller. I have adjusted the reverse lever stop to make a bigger stitch but this doesn't make any difference. Does anyone know if there is something else to adjust to balance the stitches Many thanks
  7. Thanks Garyak, I started from the beginning several times and bobbin is in the correct way but the upper tension always ends up really high and hook has to be retarded to get a decent stitch Cheers
  8. Thanks for the response, I though I was the only one... I cant retard the hook anymore because it will hit the needle eye area. I have tried various distances from the needle but still I have to use excessive upper tension. One thing I noticed today was the the timing belt seems slack and can easily be slipped off the gear and with the flywheel aligned with the marks on the machine the timing mark on the lower gear doesn't quite line up, seems about half a tooth out. I will order a new belt and hoping that will help. The belt looks original so maybe its about time it was changed. Machine is a Brother LS2-B837 Many thanks
  9. Hi, Can anyone shed some light on why my Brother B837 needs the hook timing retarded to sew, the upper tension also needs to be very tight. The hook needs to be right at the bottom of the needle scarf if the hook is timed by the book the bottom thread loops. Could this be a main timing issue or belt slip? Thanks
  10. My singer 201k will sew 3 layers of leather but if I want to sew 4 layers it seems to struggle with creating a nice stitch. My questions are: can I make this machine more heavy duty or do I need a walking foot machine can the maximum stitch size be increased by modifying Many thanks
  11. I have sewn a seat cover and the lighter leather colour under the top colour is showing between the stitches, Does anyone have an idea what's happening here please. Picture attached it explains it better. Many thanks
  12. Thickness is approx .056" (1.42mm) and 32"x20" straight sided
  13. Can you advise the best option for stretching please?
  14. Maybe cow hide cant be stretched? its not thick enough for a belt HS, so thick belt leather stretching may be different to cow hide stretching. Maybe I posted in the wrong forum but I do appreciate all your inputs.. All the best
  15. Here is the other side, quite soft leather
  16. Hope these help. Cow hide.Thanks cant seem to upload the reverse side picture
  17. Hi, Thickness is approx .056" 1.42mm and 32"x20" I don't know how tanned or kind, I'm not that experienced, the leather was given to me
  18. Hi, Is it possible to stretch pieces cut from a leather hide, only needs stretching about 1/2". Steam maybe or will it shrink back to original size? Thanks
  19. Hi all, I changed the needle to a tri point and the stitch holes have improved. I think the rogue stitch was because I was lifting the needle at the corner to get into the right spot. Many thanks
  20. Piping has not been requested. I will check out the needle options you all mention and report back. I see that a standard point needle is also ok for leather as long as its a bigger size
  21. The ticket number is 25 Tex number 120 not sure about the V number. Thanks for the link
  22. Thank you, I will try both. I am also getting a rogue stitch on the inside corner and not sure why. I have attached a couple of pictures, the seam stitch showing the leather underneath the colour and the rogue inside corner stitch Any help is much appreciated. Many thanks
  23. Hi, I have a problem with top stitching leather around corners where by the leather seems to have a slight tare so the leather shows through the colour, I think its the needle point shape causing it but not sure. I was wondering if anyone could advise on a better needle shape to use. I am currently using Schmetz 37:20AX1 nm:130 Size 21. 135x16RTW. DPx16 LR Many thanks
  24. Hi, I have an industrial Brother LS2-B837 which sews good but only if the top tension is very high. The bobbin tension very smooth and not tight at all and even if I slacken the bottom tension more it makes no difference. If the top tension is slackened to a reasonable amount, the thread knot shows on the underside. Hook timing is good. Other machines I have used don't need to be anywhere near as tight to make a good stitch. I wondered if anyone has come across this before and found a solution please? Many thanks
  25. Hi, sounds like a silly suggestion but is the needle scarf facing the hook?
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