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  1. Yes, it is. On the right side is generally called French piping.The left side is different type of French piping. You can see the difference from the picture.The sewing from the edge is 2.5mm on the tan wallet,the other one maybe 4mm or more I guess. I think the distance is too much when I made the tan wallet, so I use the different type. Well, finally it looks good I'm so sorry my engish is not good
  2. Thanks for your reply I feel the same way about the corners between two types The tan wallet coner feels like smooth & round. I think i need to more practices at '''Kikuyose' '
  3. The edge of this long wallet ended with ''Piping'' I think that French Piping is better then Piping Which one do you think is better ?
  4. Luke856

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    Outside layer edgs finished with '' French Piping'' Please refer to this website (from 12:50~15:50) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBpOECQxUN4
  5. Luke856

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    Thank you My english is not good All vegetable tanned leather Tattoo dyed with an hand-printing method,''stencil'' (Japan called ''katazome'' ) & black alcohol-based dye Inside layer edgs finished with ''Turned edge'' Outside layer edgs finished with '' French Piping''
  6. Luke856

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    Thanks to administrator that allow me to join in forum.
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