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  1. Yes. Maybe in the middle of a long side too. Every 3 or 4 feet. Flat head screws to.keep the surface smooth.
  2. I use 1/4 inch tempered Masonite, attached with screws not glue. When it gets worn, turn it over for a fresh surface. When that side gets worn, replace it.
  3. I agree with toxo, rivets will work. The foam on the back side will protect the contents of the box.
  4. Looks very nice to me. I'd be proud if that was my work.
  5. TXBob

    New Member

    Welcome to the group, it's a great place for us beginners. We live in Texas but we have a summer home in Riverton WY.
  6. TXBob

    Woodstove bellows

    Very nice work! I like the carving.
  7. Most paracord shrinks when it gets wet. It should work as sewing thread, but shrink it first.
  8. Looks nice! What size snap is that? A line 20?
  9. Line 24 caps are 9/16 inch diameter. Line 20 caps are 7/16 inch diameter. http://www.tandyleatherfactory.com/en-usd/search/searchresults/1261-02.aspx txbob
  10. Several patterns here: http://www.fusionkno...m/downloads.php Bob S.
  11. Tried a pm but don't think I did it right. I'd like to be added, please. Thanks, txbob
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