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  1. You could try to line it with a lighter weight backing. Contact cement and stitched together. Did you tape the back prior to tooling? The spread from tooling may be what caused the curl.
  2. Ad-blocker... Yeah that makes sense.. It's already been one of those days.
  3. I don't know if it's true or not, but after seeing this post I noticed that the supporter ads that usually grace the top of the page are missing. I don't know how long they've been gone for as I usually just skip to the posts.
  4. I built out a French cleat wall in my shop and made a wall rack for mine. It has a "sun-proof curtain" cover to protect the leather from UV light and dust. Saves a lot of shelf space and searching through boxes for me to find what I need. Rolls are held tight with 2-sided velcro strap.
  5. The overstitch wheel you would only use 1 side at a time. It's got 2 different thread patterns (TPI's) so you would run the center blade section along your edge with the desired TPI on the leather to make your marks.
  6. Personally I like having a taller bench. I'm able to use a shop/bar stool to sit or work while standing. It all depends on what makes YOU comfortable.
  7. SaintJoy18

    St. Michael

    That's absolutely incredible! As a LEO for the last 24 years that piece is something I would proudly display! The detail is amazing. I'd be lucky to get that level of crispness with a relief stamp!
  8. You could use a "dust deputy" shop vac attachment like woodworkers use. Has a separator to catch the shavings and not plug up the filter with larger debris.
  9. I would liken this to "American Cheese." Just enough real cheese in it to be called a cheese product, but still not really cheese.... As the company says though, for mass market upholstery products it should work.
  10. I was recently on a trip to celebrate what would have been my grandfather's 100 birthday and took a tour of the local museum in the town where he lived. The town is near the "Cherry Capitol of the World" so there are lot of items that they "believe" have a cherry significance... This is one such item. I told the curator what they had was a stitching pony and not a "cherry pitter" but she just didn't get it. Anyhow, I thought I'd share.
  11. I'm not sure about the Northeast, but if you are willing to travel look at the Sheridan, WY and Prescott, AZ shows. Other shows and clinics get listed on this site under "Upcoming Events" so check there regularly.
  12. ooohhh boy... Need to see a pic of this!
  13. Not to be gross, but it could also have been salts, especially if it was a men's wallet. Salt from "butt sweat" could have remained in the leather and as the oils dried out over the years the salts leached out onto the surface. Just a theory
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