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  1. SaintJoy18

    20190423_115028 (2).jpg

    These are some beautiful pieces. Ruger takedowns?
  2. SaintJoy18

    Paracord "core" thread use?

    Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with using the individual core strands from paracord/550 cord in their stitching? I have saved several thousand feet of the cording due to using the exteriors on other projects (figured I'd find a use sometime). I know that it is individually stronger than other materials so I wouldn't be pulling too tight or using it for weighted areas in order to prevent cutting my hides. I've gone through all 50 pages of sewing posts and couldn't find it mentioned (though I did find the debates about poly/nylon and spectra/dyneema) so I thought I would ask if there were any pro's or con's for leather usage. Thanks everyone!
  3. SaintJoy18

    Check? Check!

    Thanks! I laced hot pink Paracord through the holes in an "X" pattern. I had originally used pink roo lacing but it was too dull. I think I still need to do something to make the lettering stand out more. I'm just not sure what to do with it.
  4. SaintJoy18

    Tanned 1/2 Bison Hides

    I would be interested in the tan. What's your price point?
  5. SaintJoy18

    Tool addition for cramping hands

    This is a great idea! I tried to use one of those cheapy "pencil holders" that we used to get in grade school but it was still too small of a diameter to help my arthritic hands. Will have to try this out! Scott
  6. SaintJoy18

    Check? Check!

    Hi all! This is my absolute first attempt at stamping and carving (since cub scouts 30 some years ago). I will admit I did a few practice runs on some scrap but you get the gist. It is a presentation check for a breast cancer awareness drive and I really like the way it turned out. Even with my obvious newbie mistakes! My barbed wire stamping doesn't completely line up and gets a little wonky, but loose barbed wire doesn't lay straight anyway! AND, I managed to stamp the "3" at the bottom backwards... Serious forehead slap there! It was still fun to make though. I drew out and hand carved the "DC" in the upper left and used a beeswax/neatsfoot concoction I mixed up on a microfiber rag for the sealer. Hand burnished, still needs a little more to get the deep color I want. And yes, it IS supposed to have a "fade in" look. Anyhow, this is my first try and thought I would share after lurking around here for some time. Critiques are welcome! Scott
  7. East50: I live about 20 minutes from Gunsite and will check with them to see what they have in the archives about it.
  8. This is my hometown... I wish I would have known about this site sooner!