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  1. Not to be gross, but it could also have been salts, especially if it was a men's wallet. Salt from "butt sweat" could have remained in the leather and as the oils dried out over the years the salts leached out onto the surface. Just a theory
  2. The color in a polyester is created through a chemical process, not dying like with a cotton or linen. It will hold color longer, but not indefinitely. UV light will cause it to degrade over time (think about outdoor furniture graying) but it will be gradual. They each have their place and strength so I would choose the thread based on the project and finished look I was attempting to achieve.
  3. I've never used the gel antique, but maybe using a q-tip to apply small amounts in the areas you want it then wiping up the excess with a firmly held cloth (like block dying) might work?
  4. I agree it's too wet, but the moisture content portion of the video wasn't my focus. I was posting so a side-by-side comparison could be made with different qualities of leather. Tandy is by no means the best, but can be better than many imported "veg-tans" which is evident in the burnishing obtained by the stamps. Better quality leathers will usually produce better results.
  5. I know the title of the video is about moisture content, but he also addresses different levels of leather quality and shows side-by-side results.
  6. I agree. The turquoise against the veg tan is excellent. I have a question on your letters... Did you modify a set to get the "cross hatch" or were you able to purchase them like that? I've used backgrounders to make my letters look "different than stock" but hadn't seen that design.
  7. Really like the insert. What I love about that pic though is the leather tabs on the wall. Took me a second to realize they are configured to match the stamps in the rack below it. Smart move!
  8. Wow Cindy! If you have no idea what you're doing then I'm a howler monkey with a half eaten box of crayons in comparison! I love watching DG's videos and picking up techniques. Well done.
  9. Andy this is beautiful! When the age and patina of this bag start coming through that brand is going to look even more amazing. I think it's great to feature brands and scars to honor the life of the animal.
  10. ryano, Generally the lace holes are straight. they give the appearance of being angled due to the need to turn the lacing to get it through the hole.
  11. I think some are missing the gist of the OP's question. It's the alcohol content in an Arabic/Islamic area that is the issue. It's cultural, not "eco". bmertbilal, do a search for the "Fenice" in your area. You may end up paying a bit more for importation, but like ED said, they're based in Italy so it shouldn't be *too* difficult.
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