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  1. Welcome to the group. Bunch of great peeps here. Enjoy.
  2. Cheap weed eater/string trimmer line works good for making piping.
  3. @RockyAussie what class of cowboy sewing machine was you using in them sewing videos? Also where did you get your binder tape attachment? Thanks. Great videos by the way.
  4. Looks perfectly functional. Tooling work looks nice also. Nice work.
  5. Yeah I think that & I was trying to turn the project too quick & missed 2 stitches. Thanks for the tip, lol I will take all I can get.
  6. Look into Conceria Walpier Buttero leather, its dyed thru & you can get about any color under the sun. Another nice leather is Conceria Walpier Dollaro leather. It's a pebble finished leather dyed thru & is offered in many colors as well.
  7. Look into tandys. Satin Sheen. It should seal it, or at least I think it will. The Satin Sheen sealer will leave a matte/satin look. Forgot to add: Also you can probably remove that white residue with a good horsehair brush.
  8. Thanks I'm glad to hear some more input/info on this subject. So did you use the #23 narrow plate & feed dog? Thanks.
  9. Looks good to me toxo. I think you did fine. @toxo what machine did you sew your bag up with? Thanks.
  10. Nice setup. Looks good. Should take all the guess work out of cutting belt ends.
  11. Thanks. I have been keeping my eyes open for a used machine. Do you think these are the round point needles I need or that @Wizcrafts mentioned? I also found some ballpoint needles, but not sure where they would be used. Thanks.
  12. Thanks everybody. I figured the best way to get familiar with my cobra class 4 was just to use it. No not no huge dog. But she does weigh 80lbs, & has a 17" inch collar span. Thanks.
  13. Kgg I want the consew 206 rb-5 for this type work. I just cant swing it financially right now. I was hoping maybe i could get by doing this small project. If nothing else I can chalk this up to a learning experience. Thanks. I appreciate it.
  14. Thanks. @Wizcrafts do them 7×3 round point needles have a letter classification like the D, S, & LR type needles? Thanks. For the link to dumbing down a 441 class machine.
  15. Actually I'm a newbie & didnt think my question thru. I am probably going to need the blanket feet & the serrated feed dog & needle plate. Is the cobra brand blanket feet & feed dog sufficient? Or do I need to purchase something from another manufacturer? I think canvas would be doable on a cobra class 4 after numerous adjustments on the sewing machine of course. Thanks.
  16. Guys & gals I need the help of all you professionals out there in regards of sewing waxed canvas on the cobra class 4. I had a ma & pa shop call on making some Wrench rolls out of 18-22oz waxed canvas. These rolls will hold wrenches from a 1/4" to 1¼". They want 10 of these wrench rolls made at 1st. So my question is: Is there any possibility I can sew this heavy weight waxed canvas with my new acquired cobra class 4 sewing machine? What would be needed to do this? Should I purchase the #20 extreme narrow needle plate & feed dog from HE&P? This is the only 1 I ain't got. What about thread & needles? I'm thinking a size #20 "S" point needle & bonded polyester #92 thread. So would this be achievable to accomplish? Thanks. Any & all help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Should not be no reason why you cant change it to single phase. More than likely you will need to purchase a new motor. They also make a phase convertor I believe.
  18. Guys & gals it's not much, but I wanted to share my dogs new collar. 5oz Conceria Walpier Whiskey Dollaro leather, lined with 5oz veg tan left naked. This was more of practice for me with my new cobra class 4 sewing machine. It turned out pretty good other than I did skip a stitch on the turn around the ends. Its sewn together with neon blue & burnt orange 277 thread. Thanks for looking.
  19. Thanks guys for showing & explaining how to remove & or adjust the brake. I will have to see if my cobra class 4 has that brake like @bladegrinder cowboy cb4500 has. Thanks.
  20. You need to resize your pics to a smaller file size. @Northmount be able to help you out with this.
  21. Well I modified my flatbed attachment for Patrick1 flat extreme needle plates. It turned out good. Only thing required to modify it to fit the needle plates, was to mark the corners around the needle plate & file the table attachment in the corners around the needle plate.
  22. @Dwight here is what bond arms holsters look like for their derringer's. They run about $80 to buy. Maybe these pics will help with the design phase.
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