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  1. I will make the wild assumption that this old post is no longer available. A dead link? Done and the information is gone? Just providing closure perhaps.
  2. cltech9, interesting. I'm a Barge fan, but shipping is a pain. Youd think it was symtex or something with all the restrictions.
  3. I believe you. I have been dreading purchasing from McPhersons or Montana Leather because of this. I have been stationed in the Va., DC area and am looking to get back to some projects after a long hiatus. Here we go...
  4. I have often wondered why one of these companies over the other. There are a few differences, but not many significant. The after sale service is HUGE for me...I'm not so bright by myself, ya know. I'd LOVE a Juki, but simply cannot justify a cost like those are going for. The guys that contribute to this forum are very nice and seem very professional in their dealings. They certainly play nice together. Now...which to choose...?
  5. I can't even begin to count the number of times I've chosen to NOT purchase based on unreasonable shipping. Like a padded profit margin...I like stuff. Lots. But, I hate the unreasonable more.
  6. Amazing woodworking. Very inspirational. I found you while looking up examples to build my own. You are just what I needed. However, I would be interested in what you are asking for one you've made. I like supporting the good work of others. besides, I've never steamed wood myself.
  7. Not sure what a servers wallet is. Do you mean like a notepad cover?
  8. Interesting. still pricey.
  9. Even years later, I appreciate this topic and the views.
  10. Thank you both. I appreciate the info. I will read and perceiver.
  11. Request for an education. Recent purchase of a Cobra 29K-18, and I am having a terrible time figuring out the threading of the bobbin. It can't be this difficult on purpose to get the thread under the spring. The tension between the upper and lower is very finicky and I am yet to get a good stitch. To those that own one of these machines, can I get some mentoring and guidance? What are the limits of the thread weight that you use successfully? And, any other secret that you may have recently learned. Thank you all.
  12. Most leggings are waxed canvas. They will shed the water and debris but dry out quickly. Easy to make and maintain. Canvas, a good choice.
  13. Thank you Andy. I figured that's what it looked like. I just wanted to be sure.
  14. Hmmm, well even laying flat is suspect and optimistic on days if it's a fast mover. I guess I ws asking Andy, but now I'm embarrassed and shy.
  15. Interesting, as I just made four as gifts yesterday, but out of heavy canvas and round. Can you unsnap and lay flat for me?
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