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    To know the 'Why' as well as the 'How'.
  1. okiwen

    New stitching irons

    Interesting. still pricey.
  2. okiwen

    swivel Knives

    Even years later, I appreciate this topic and the views.
  3. okiwen

    Difficulty with modern 29K-18

    Thank you both. I appreciate the info. I will read and perceiver.
  4. Request for an education. Recent purchase of a Cobra 29K-18, and I am having a terrible time figuring out the threading of the bobbin. It can't be this difficult on purpose to get the thread under the spring. The tension between the upper and lower is very finicky and I am yet to get a good stitch. To those that own one of these machines, can I get some mentoring and guidance? What are the limits of the thread weight that you use successfully? And, any other secret that you may have recently learned. Thank you all.
  5. okiwen

    Two Questions About These Leather Spats

    Most leggings are waxed canvas. They will shed the water and debris but dry out quickly. Easy to make and maintain. Canvas, a good choice.
  6. Thank you Andy. I figured that's what it looked like. I just wanted to be sure.
  7. Hmmm, well even laying flat is suspect and optimistic on days if it's a fast mover. I guess I ws asking Andy, but now I'm embarrassed and shy.
  8. Interesting, as I just made four as gifts yesterday, but out of heavy canvas and round. Can you unsnap and lay flat for me?
  9. okiwen

    How Not To Respond To Advice

    I vote for Tinker too. He now seems a bit obsessed with the glue and licking thing. I'm not ok with this anymore. Strangely I feel a bit dirty and I can't place why.....
  10. I'm with Chuck and Art...well, and everyone else. just smells like nonsense and bs.
  11. I too would have gather the stuff back up and returned it. Place a stop on the credit card. I would still let the head office know and tell them that the $2k you spent will be the very last. The nerve of that person if profound. But....it's all up to what you feel like tolerating. Even now is not too late. Everyone has an opinion, and now you've heard mine.
  12. okiwen

    How Not To Respond To Advice

    Most certainly meant as a joke and I am sure taken as such. Also, was not asking advice. None the less, Good group of guys...in public and on PM. Back to machines...... A wealth of knowledge to be found through very generous list members.
  13. okiwen

    How Not To Respond To Advice

    Ya know, I think I meant the interests that Art has listed....but if your knowledgeable, I guess I could ask you too. See, you ARE helpful.
  14. okiwen

    How Not To Respond To Advice

    Yup to both of these. I needed information and asked on here and called Keystone. Got great info and ended up buying a new motor and a whole bunch of stuff I really didn't need yet,just because I appreciated the help. If I am ever in need of a bondage item I'll call Wiz. Had my eye on a new machine from Steve since I had to sell the Artisan he helped me with when I bought it from him so long ago. Good group of guys here.
  15. Sir, I have tried to PM you and the system states you cannot receive any new message. If you would be so kind, I would like to learn of your method as well.