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  1. interestingly enough, that worked. Thanks @fibersport!
  2. Thank you - ill try putting the cover back on and see what happens. Anywhere I can learn more about timing? I heard the term before but im not sure what it means in relation to my machine.
  3. @Wizcrafts - patching you in here as you seemed to have the answers to all my previous questions ive posted lol!
  4. I recently came across an issue with thread breaking/knotting with my Pfaff 145 H3. Im using tex 60 thread in both the upper threading as well as the bobbin, with a 110/18 needle to accompany (ive tried 100/16 as well). Here is an imgur link to a video of me handcranking the machine - I unfortunately couldnt upload the video as an attachment here as I exceeded the file size limit - https://imgur.com/a/mByhkyW As shown in the video, the thread jams afters a couple of cranks (timestamp is 0:10 seconds left in the video). In trying to automatically sew (i.e, turn the machine on and sew), I get the same issue - thread breaking and knotting after 2-3 stitches. The issue originally started after I noticed some of the bobbin thread was showing in my top stitches. No biggy, right? Well, to remedy this, I followed the manual provided by Pfaff and tried loosening the upper tension as well as tightening the bobbin tension to no avail. After messing around on both ends for a bit, the thread began to jam as you can see in the video. I've continued to adjust both tensions to see if I could get back to square one (loosening/tightening both threads) to no avail as well. Ive also tried cleaning out the bobbin, re-threading both the bobbin and upper thread, and re-screwing the upper tension. Any ideas as to what can be causing this?
  5. Thanks guys. I adjusted the wing screw and as Wizcrafts pointed out, Im only getting about 1/16in less clearance when sewing (which is still better than nothing). I appreciate the help.
  6. ie. I want to make my machine move more like some of the newer walking foot machines (such as a sunstar km 340) that almost push through garment leather like a normal lockstitch machine would.
  7. I think I remember hearing somewhere that the knob I have pictured on the back of my pfaff 145 allows the walking foot to raise higher/lower in sewing when the knob is moved up/down, however Id like to confirm with someone here before I go messing around with my machine.
  8. Ah that makes a lot of sense. Ive got an H3 and it is embossed onto the tag so I believe I should be good to try #207. A follow up question for your Singer, do you use that for sewing lining onto leather as well (for leather jackets, pants etc.), or would you use your walking foot in that case? Additionally, would you base the needle you would use on the lining fabric, or the leather?
  9. Im wondering if anyone is aware of what the minimum and maximum thread sizes are for the Pfaff 145 Model H3? I saw another post on here mentioning that #207 was the highest the top could take, and #138 was the highest the bobbin could take, though Im seeing needles available for the H3 (size 134-135) on threadexchange that go up 200/25, which I believe can handle #277 thread as well. I also see needles that go as low as 65/9, which would be relative to #15 thread? Any help is appreciated as the Pfaff manual is a bit difficult for me to understand.
  10. Issue resolved a few hours after my original post, however, I forgot to reply back to thread until now. I had the bobbin threaded incorrectly, with thread entering counter clockwise rather than clockwise.
  11. My Pfaff 145 gives out perfect stitches on the bottom of my material, but irregular ones on the top. I tried adding a picture in, however my file exceeds the upload size limit. As I can best describe, the stitches are perfectly straight on top as well, however, inbetween each stitch, you can see the bobbin thread pointing up like a little ball. This happens regardless of how many layers of fabric or leather I use. The same stitch is produced on 7 layers of 11oz denim, 1 layer of ribbed cotton, or 1 layer of 4mm veg tan. Any ideas?
  12. Im wondering what kind of ribbing I should use for a structured cowhide jacket?
  13. That helps a lot! Looks amazing too! Nice work.
  14. The teeth on the belt was the issue. Thanks for the help everyone!
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