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  1. i watch the marshal almost every day i just noticed his belt loops the other day, they used two rivets on each end. Gotta love the holsters shown on the series not to mention the surprise actors that came on. there was a really cool one on the other day a double rig and the holsters were put on smaller curved straps that hung down from the main belt if i remember they were hung by rings. Wish i could remember the episode.
  2. wouldn't it be the diameter of the case plus the leather thickness x2 at the least, you could probably make them wider if wanted.
  3. lol yea i hate my brain sometimes it coulda been dreaming of hunting, fishing or just about anything else in the world instead of thinking. try it on a piece of lace if you can.
  4. those are awesome. homemade tools created this craft and are as much a part of its history as any other. If you have a drill press you could make your handles by inserting a straight rod first then chucking it up and turning/shaping the wood with files.
  5. wow really nice! almost to nice to set on lol.
  6. that will look great when finished. my only suggestion is to try a smooth beveller between the letter and floral. practice makes perfect.
  7. woke up from a dead sleep last night 2.00 am my brain said maybe its for burnishing lace. making round laces from square. four different sizes of round leather laces?
  8. i glue sand paper of various grits to them to sharpen my awls and such and to spread glue on larger pieces. I also use them in my other hobbies as well. in the US you can buy them at craft stores if you are some kind of ice-cream hater. Me i like to get them the hard way. i also use them to shim door hinges lol. There is a way to put them together to form a star shape and as kids we would throw them like frisbees, they explode/ come apart when they hit something.
  9. check these out they are for wood turning, similar to pen making but i think you could cover them with leather also they are pretty cool i would try one but i gave up the gars a while back. https://www.woodturnerscatalog.com/p/55/6539/artisan-Cigar-Case-with-Cutter-Punch-Tip-Kit?term=cigar+case&term=cigar case
  10. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-Antique-Wooden-Burnishers-Shoe-Leather-Working-Tools-Edge-Slickers-/123718775610
  11. They would certainly be a custom, money up front order. But he did a great job and someone will have the money in that hobby. when my kids were enrolled in the arts i used to call it takemoredough instead of taekwondo lol, everything they did cost me. Its an amazing piece of work CapnCohen
  12. lol i was in no way correcting you friend just adding a bit because it is a good idea. Lollipops here usually have round sticks and popsicles , ice-cream bars and the like have flat sticks so i just didn't know which you were talking about.
  13. i use the sticks from popcicles the same way and sharpen my awls also with them. i imagine they are the same thing they can also be purchased unused at craft stores
  14. A good book title = How to Ruin Your Bracelets by Rusty Rivets you can paint them with nail polish or you can cover them with leather by adding a liner. do both is even better. Sweat makes em rust no getting around that.
  15. if your resist worked then it shouldn't have gotten darker did you let it dry well before the antique? . i just made a sheath with bison brown, i left the floral natural and then used a resist on the floral then dyed the outside bison brown, then antiqued it with a dark brown and the contrast remained. if you are trying to add light dye over dark it wont work. You have to use an opaque acrylic paint over it. Are you trying to completely dye your belt blue then lighten the tooling? if so you will have to use acrylic paints, a couple of coats of white just to just to hide the blue, the dye may stain the acrylic also so you may need a resist in between those al well. then you will have to color your tooling with acrylics as well. remember though the acrylic paints may flake off. Your best bet is to color and resist your light work then hand dye your dark background with a brush, then resist everything, then antique. IMO.
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