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  1. Yes we are alotted so much .The last 37 years has been a roller coaster ride,Good and bad. but fun also. Thank you for your kind words.
  2. Thank You,They were appreciated. Now he has here to deal with.Do belive that extra angels are needed.. Thank you for your kind words,
  3. Thank you.Hospice is the best for careing for termial patients. It will be a while on the leather. I kind of need to find the floor and top of tables from visting her for the last month.
  4. The ddotors and nurses atthe hospitals she was in were supportive. The hospice home went out of their way for us. Sadly she passed and now in no pain. Thank you for your kind words.
  5. Going thru that is very toll taking and assited living is very expensive. Thank you for your kind words. She passed yesterday at a Hospice home. Thank you They were well needed.
  6. My wife,Lois, was admitted into Hospice yesterday. Almost a month stay in two Hospitals . First 2 weeks were of a Pacemaker the last week and half was for blood clots to leg and lungs pluss limnode cancer that was real fast growing. She is no pain and knows what is happing and accepted it. life is ever changing Happyness and pain. Guess the Pian is the winner.
  7. Stewart


    That you Dwight, Know what you mean. Those tabs wear out fast. Mastering the oven now. Youknow whatching water boil sends me back to the 60's Way out cool ,Man
  8. Stewart


    Thank you Suzelle, I just dabble. I like chasing colors . the tones will be different,but the layering I will try to duplicate.
  9. Stewart


    Thanks man, All is good.i put it on the cirrious forum ( my ailment- drank more than the amount alloted for my life span) to inspire the ones with depression that there are hobbies or talents that they don't know they have . Thats to geive their brain a rest,like it does me. Here is a new on I have traced yet but will.
  10. Stewart


    I haven't worked on any thing for a month. Wife had a pacemaker implanted. 3 days ICU and 5 days in a private room.. She doing fine and i have domesicated.. Mastered the Microwave and about to with the oven.. While she was sleeping i worked on this. Took a month. The orginal idea was to brush stroke grass that blended with the conture of the ground. as you see it did not turn out that way. maybe next time when I use a fan style brush. Anyway here you go.
  11. That is do true. Butterflies make them jump higher for them.
  12. a kitten or a full-grown cat always love them when they pop out of the grass. Birds do also. Maybe a Bream whin they flutter on top of the water
  13. Stewart

    Natures light touch.

    Thank you Chuck
  14. Stewart

    Natures light touch.

    Matching colors and working on fading is kind of hard when the paint is thick, and thing doesn't work out. The flower and the butterfly are two different images , each was cropped from pictures that had backgrounds . i used print master for scaling to a four inch round. The coloring is my own choice.
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