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  1. haven't seen a bracket like that. how does it work? I have no password issues
  2. WOW good clean finish bottom side?
  3. I recently had a problem with a new splitter I purchased from Ryan Neel. He quickly responded and fixed the problem. Great customer service
  4. i buy zips in a 3yd roll from Wawak "make a zipper"
  5. Sairite has another vid covering a mustang style seat http://www.sailrite.com/How-to-Recover-a-Motorcycle-Seat-Using-Stretch-Vinyl-Fabric
  6. Sailrite.com has a "how to" video recovering a mc seat with vinly
  7. The goldstar tandy dies are not compatible, the gold star press upper die is threaded. A set screw holds the tandy press upper die. The goldstar dies cost less and does a good job with rivets,snaps
  8. I have the both, tandy press with the BRL adapter/die for ( not the centering jig) punching holes and the Goldstar for rivets and snaps. Goldstar does not sell the die for punching holes in leather they didnt when I got mine 2 yrs ago.
  9. I had a back of HO 8-9 oz. great belts, but when I tried to skive a 1.5" strap down through my new, very sharp bench skiver could not pull it through.
  10. Does F & A style refer to the style of the mandolin or the strap?
  11. Chief, could you send me the info mandolin strap also, just got my first order for one. thanks,Dave
  12. WOW What did you use to seal all that color in?
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