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  1. gojosh

    Black Tokonole

    I have used the brown on brownish shades of Buttero with great results. It's durable and tends to blend with a range of colors.
  2. gojosh

    Sealing (Not Burnishing) Chromexcel Edges

    Thanks! The primary function of the glue was to hold everything together during stitching but it seemed to stand up decently to burnishing. I wasn't gentle with it at any point in the process.
  3. gojosh

    Sealing (Not Burnishing) Chromexcel Edges

    This is some blue CXL glued to Buttero on a wallet. I burnished with clear Tokonole and it turned out much better than I expected. Not as durable as the Buttero inside but not too bad.
  4. gojosh

    Random Flat Stitches in Saddle Stitch

    I found this post accidentally looking for something else and this simple illustration makes this as clear as I have ever seen. I've watched Nigel's video more times than I can count and I've struggled with the exact issue and couldn't make sense of it. Thanks so much YinTx for your great advice and thanks to Strathmore for the excellent illustration! This is why I keep coming back to this forum.
  5. This is awesome stuff - have used it for 18 years on a number of different things from high end boots to leather bags and straps.
  6. gojosh

    How can I repair pool pocket tops

    Is there enough clearance to allow you to put a thin layer of felt on the underside of the tabletop only in the area of the pockets? Goal would be to protect them from rubbing.
  7. gojosh

    Diamond Chisel

    There is a serious misconception - diamond chisels are completely different than any of the things anyone has called out. They are not thonging chisels and the points are very fine and close together. I'm wondering if something like these would work: https://www.sharpeningsupplies.com/Norton-Carving-Tool-Slips-P268.aspx?gclid=CMX73tL42MwCFQmQaQodRmoF_w My biggest concern would be making sure that you don't end up with tips shorter than others.
  8. gojosh

    Watch Strap Buckle

    www.buckleguy.com has a fair selection of watch strap hardware.